Teaching online is a great way to leverage your skills and broaden your horizon. Whether you are teaching a skill or an academic subject, the e-learning industry has got high potential. Irrespective of the skills you have to offer, there are many professionals and enthusiasts eager to learn them. They rely upon online course materials to study as per their convenience. Launching your online study app puts you way ahead in the game than others who are teaching online in the same domain.

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What makes a great online study app?

Unsurprisingly, there’s no one-size-fits-all app solution for launching your online study app. You need to consider your unique requirements in order to create a perfect app for your students. If you already have an online course website, your app should align with it. An ideal online study app would be unique to your wants and needs.

If you teach students online full time then, launching your institutes’ app is a must. It would maximize your reach and number of students.

  1. You must have your own course website where you can launch your multimedia courses. Given the complexity, the nuts and bolts involved in creating an online course platform, you can choose an All-in-one platform like Spayee.
  2. Focus on building a brand through your domain name, website design, content type etc.
  3. Once you have garnered a decent number of learners for your courses, launch your online study app.

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Going through the above three steps would help you focus on what matters: building a professional course platform for your students.

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Why You Should Own an Online Study App?

Many traditional courses struggle to retain students until the end. However, some researches show that this isn’t the case with E-learning. Online courses have very well increased retention rates from anything between 25% to 60%.

To retain the online learners base, the educators and instructors need to keep upgrading themselves and the platform. If you have already launched your online course website, launching your app should ideally be your next step.

Online courses give students full control over their own learning. Learners can learn at their own pace and convenience. Hence, launching your online study app will only add up to them.

You must launch your company’s study app for all the right reasons as mentioned below:

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You have something to teach.

Logically, everyone has something to teach. Some of them have huge business and growth opportunities. If you have figured out that “something”, then this might be a great way to kickstart your journey.

Alternatively, you can launch your course platform first which could be followed by launching an online app.

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You want to start an online business.

If teaching online is not merely a hobby or a part-time thing for you, your institute must launch an online study app. In the long run, it would be incredibly rewarding for your course business.

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To generate leads for your core business

Not everyone sells online courses as their main income goal. Many course creators get into online course selling so that they can expand their current business.

If you are a coach, an advisor, a consultant or into any other kind of professional service, launching an online course can be your most powerful lead generation tool.

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You want to improve your user experience

If you have been operating in online course business for a while and want to introduce something new, launching your online study app must be in number 1. Your current learners would be at more ease. Navigating the same course material from a new platform would also increase user engagement.

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You want to garner more learners

You must be having a well-planned marketing strategy for your online courses. However, you might come across a phase, where you feel your growth has become stagnant. When the marketing strategies start feeling flat, chances are you might need a change or an improvisation of your product.

Even if your learners are happy with your course platform, giving them a fresh feel will bring you new referrals.

Why branding is important for your online course business.


The above pointers would have surely given you an overview of the significance of launching an online course app. You don’t necessarily need to splurge on it or be a tech-savvy to launch one.

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