The E-learning industry is blossoming like never before. Bloggers, influencers, YouTubers are not behind too. If you own a blog and want to grow your income manifold, online courses are the way for you. This article is everything you will ever need to understand why bloggers should create an online course, including you.

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If you own a blog and have been successful in generating decent monthly traffic on your blog, you can make full-time livings through the influence you have built.

Bloggers usually make money through brand sponsorships and affiliate marketing. However, lately, more and more bloggers are launching their online courses.

Bloggers have those expert creatures who excel at content creation. Therefore, creating an online course is a fun change of pace for most of them. Furthermore, Selling online courses is a powerful strategy to skyrocket your income.

Why all bloggers should create an online course

Selling courses while blogging is a must in order to diversify your income. If you’re aiming to earn a full-time or supplemental, incorporating an online course should be a priority.

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Online courses give you control of your income

After having been connected to a wide number of bloggers, I can state that working with brands is a rollercoaster. There is no guarantee on the number of brand deals you will bag or the money you will earn every month. Bloggers operate individually. They are freelancers.

Online courses give you the financial freedom and control of your blogging gear. You don’t depend on brands to approach you. You provide value to those who need it in exchange for money.

If you want to grow your audience, gain financial stability, and build the confidence you must consider this prospect.

Bloggers already have an audience

You probably already understand what I mean. See, the hard of launching any product is finding its buyers.

Being an established blogger in a particular domain gives you an edge over other novice course creators. Continuously posting blogs help you build authority and a community to cater to. The beauty of selling courses as a blogger is that you don’t have to worry about the audience. Because you already have one.

Whether you’re a food, fashion, or travel blogger, creating a course on the topic you blog about is wonderfully thriving.

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You can quickly validate your course ideas

Making sure that you have chosen a profitable course idea is an essential part of the course creation journey. It can get tricky when you are starting from scratch.

Being a blogger, you can quickly validate your course idea with the help of the audience. Their reaction, their feedback, their engagement can speak volumes about how it will do in the market after the launch.

Over and above, you can check about the keywords through Google Analytics.

You’re already established on Google

Even if you are relatively new in your domain, you’re still leaps and bounds further than the ones starting from scratch.

If you have been successfully blogging for a while and have published posts ranking on Google, consider creating an online course around one of those posts. Promote it extensively. It would be one of the best ways to promote your blog and earn a passive income.

People stumbling on your blog post from Google would not be quite as primed to purchase your course forthwith. But that visibility doesn’t hurt.

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Bloggers have already created content

Bloggers are amazing content creators. Here at Graphy, we hugely advocate repurposing content you’ve already created and then turn it into an online course.

This is why bloggers can create course quickly. One of the most time-consuming parts is researching the topic. By creating various blog posts you are already past that process.

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Online courses are evergreen assets

Online courses are evergreen. Once created, you can sell them over and over again. That being said, you don’t have to reach out to brands constantly or plug new products on your blog.

Instead, just relaunch the online course that you’ve already created.

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Promoting your online course with your blog

As I have already mentioned, being a blogger has unique advantages. Your blog already acts like a powerful promotional tool.

Once you’ve launched your online course, you can start selling on autopilot by optimizing your blog to drive sales.

Add your sales page to your navigation bar

Add a link to your course store page on your navigation bar. You keep it under “shop” or “courses” clicking which will take them to your Graphy sales page.

Mention your course in relevant blog posts

Rather than creating brand new posts, you can revisit your old posts and mention about your courses in there. This is more valuable than creating new posts as your old posts have already gained traction on Google.

Don’t forget to mention your courses on your permanent blog pages, like your “about me” section.

Create your online course

Bloggers Should Create an Online Course more often. The stakes of being successful at creating an online course is higher for bloggers.

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I have all the resources you ever need to understand the whole course creation journey:

  1. Figure out the perfect course topic idea
  2. Follow this step by step guide to create your online course content
  3. Launch your online course website within 10 minutes
  4. Promote your online course

And, you are done. Trust me, it’s easier than what you think.