In this blog, we’ll figure out the top 5 ways to make money online in 2022.

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Today, online is how people spend most of their time. May it be while simply scrolling through Instagram, watching all the trending movies and TV shows, or communicating with our co-workers, we spend more time online than offline. So much so that virtual space has indeed become a world of its own, a world where you can be anything and do anything. 

If the world was still reluctant to accept this, the pandemic made this picture clearer than ever. When going out of your home became an impossibility, going online is how people maintained the normal flow of life. Work shifted to online mode, in the blink of an eye education was also being imparted online and online was where one went for entertainment. 

That being said, what is stopping you? Yes, what is stopping you from partaking in this wave and making money online

Whatever your excuse might be, let them be a thing of the past because from our experts at Graphy we have brought you 5 ways to make money online

So, hope on and we will give you a quick ride through it all.  

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Make money online in 2022

 Begin your journey as a freelancer

If a 9-5 job was never your cup of tea, and if you find office culture to be limiting, then freelancing is what you should invest your time and skills in. Work anytime, work from anywhere, work as much as you want, this is the kind of world that freelancing lets you be a part of.

And do you know how much money freelancers make online? To verse you with the numbers, on average an Indian freelancer makes around 20 lakhs per annum and around 23 % of Indian freelancers earn up to 60 lakhs per annum with freelancing. If this doesn’t immediately convince you to start your freelancing career, nothing will. 

Honestly speaking, how much you earn would depend upon your skillset and how experienced you are. But if you are good at what you do and are confident about it, then nothing could stop you from making money online as a freelancer. 

Most profitable freelancing jobs to make money online in India

  • Freelance Writer/Copywriter
  • Freelance SEO Specialist 
  • Freelance Web Developer
  • Freelance Graphic Designer
  • Freelance Blockchain Developer
  • Freelance Editor
  • Freelance Teacher

The list is quite long, but there might be just one right pick for you. So, think it through and take your first step towards making money online as a freelancer. 

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 Channel your inner blogger/vlogger 

Food Blogger. Fashion Blogger. Travel Blogger. Lifestyle Blogger or replace it all with vlogger, and what you will see are some names that we all hear on a daily basis. While we are all aware of what they all do, what we are unaware of is the amount of money that they make by doing it. 

According to an article published by Business World, Indian Food Bloggers earn as much as 20 lakhs per month. Yes, you heard it right. But before we get deeper into this, let us inform you that the return for the time, money, energy, and creativity that one spends blogging or vlogging starts pouring in only after 6-12 months. And also the amount of money that you make is directly proportional to the amount of viewership that you have. Simply put, the more followers, the more money you make online as a blogger or vlogger. 

So, it is in no way easy money but once you garner enough attention for your page/website, it becomes one of the best ways to make money online

Make money online by selling courses

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How to make money online as a blogger/vlogger?

To become a successful blogger or vlogger, what you need to do is make use of the social media wave in your favor and mark your entry into the world of Instagram, YouTube, and other such platforms. 

  • Choose one niche that you are deeply interested in. 
  • Start creating content related to it and let it all be creative and unique. 
  • Create a page and start posting.
  • Ride on all the incoming trends and never miss out on a chance to go viral. 
  • Never break the flow of content. The key is to be consistent. 

Once you follow all these steps and start your journey as a blogger or vlogger, you will start making money online through:

  • Paid Promotions/Ads
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Merchandise

The start would be slow but once you find your pace, it will be a smooth journey ahead. 

Make money online by selling courses

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 Become an online educator/tutor

Another way to make money online is by becoming an online educator. Today, online education or learning has become a norm. Rather than going out there into the world and enrolling for the course of their choice, people wish to have access to it all while sitting within the comfort of their homes. And this is exactly what makes becoming an online educator a profitable endeavor and a stepping stone to making money online. 

So, pick up a course that you have a complete hold over, may it be a language or a specific field of study, create a unique course around it and launch it on a trusted platform. This is where Graphy could come to your aid. With us, create courses, market them the right way, make sure that your course reaches every interested candidate out there, and begin the process of making money online. 

Make money online by selling courses

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Try your hand at affiliate marketing 

Before we tell you how to make money online using affiliate marketing, what you need to know is what exactly affiliate marketing is. 

In layman’s terms, in affiliate marketing, you promote the products of other companies using your online presence and earn a commission with each sale. Basically, you drive traffic to a brand’s website, help increase their sales and make money online for the same. 

To give you an idea about what exactly affiliate marketing is, let’s have a look at the Amazon Associate program. Offered by Amazon, it is one of the largest affiliate marketing programs offered across the world and allows you to earn money with each sale that is made via your customized link. 

The basic process is to sign up, recommend and earn. 

  • Anyone with a visible online presence can sign for this program. 
  • Once you sign up, you will be given a customized link that you can then share on your social media page, website, etc. 
  • Using that link people can make purchases with Amazon and with each sale you will earn some amount as commission. So, the more the sales, the more money that you make. 

And that is the case when you become an affiliate marketer for any brand out there. All you need to have a stable viewership and without any secondary investment, you can make money online with affiliate marketing. 

Make money online by selling courses

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 Sell products online

Do you have a product that you wish to sell? A product idea that you believe could turn into a profitable business endeavor? 

If yes, then it is time that you launch your product into the virtual space out there and make money online. You will immediately know how profitable it could be when you consider the number of people that engage in online shopping today. Gone are the days when people actually went from shop to shop trying to find the products of their choice, now, all they do is go online and shop as per their convenience. 

Now comes the billion-dollar question of how to sell your product online. 

  • You can sell them on online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc. 
  • You can launch your eCommerce website. 
  • You can choose to sell your products via social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. 

So, whatever you feel like is the best option to sell your products, pick that path and get ready to make money online

The competition out there is definitely going to be tough but if your product stands out from the crowd, there is nothing stopping you from making a fortune using your products. 

Make money online by selling courses

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Off to making money online

With this end our list of top 5 ways to make money online. So, whichever strikes your interest or seems like a field where you could make it big, take a leap of faith and with it the first step towards making use of the digital wave to make money. 

Make money online by selling courses

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