In this blog, we will talk about the types of teaching aids that help students to learn and engage in a better way.

Education is an essential part of society and everyone must get an education. However, it is not an easy task to teach students without having knowledge of any subjects. Thus, different types of teaching aids are essential today. It promotes students to understand and employs them in learning in various engaging ways. Earlier only textual methods were used to teach, but now things have changed and types of teaching aids are available. 

However, these types of teaching aids need different tools such as computers and laptops to show an interaction with students with energy. These teaching aids help in faster learning, enhance students’ teacher’s interaction, and make students take active involvement. The advancement of technology has given teachers a wide variety of choices to choose from.

In this blog, we will be consulting the different types of teaching aids and their importance of teaching aids.

Without wasting more time, let’s dive deeper into the topic.

What are the 3 types of teaching aids

These are the different types of teaching aids that we will discuss here.

1. Visual aids

Teaching aids that include learning through a visual presentation are called visual aids. Visual aids are the most essential teaching aid that teachers always use in their teaching-learning process every day. Books, blackboards, indicators, pictures, maps, graphs, bulletin boards, museums, projectors, and also necessary visual aids.

Ground substance: The ground substance is important so that the student can see and touch. The student reviews and questions by touching and observing matter, which forms the student’s senses, as well as the development of his thinking, understanding, and monitoring power.

Model: When the actual substance cannot be brought into the classroom then teachers prepare its sample or model which is shown in the classroom so that the teachers can readily be explained it.

Image: Pictures affect students a lot, so they are lost in reality by seeing pictures. Teachers also can present any story or any other subject-related picture to the students so that they can be shown and described. However, the things taught through the picture can be recognized by the students.

Map: We use the map only when we teach them about historical events and geographical places. While using the map, teachers show names, titles, directions, signs, etc written on the map.

Sketch: Teachers use the drawing method when they do not have any real substance or model or map. In such conditions, teachers show students by sketching on a blackboard.  

Graph: A teacher uses graphs only when he has to show any increasing or decreasing way to teach them. A graph is used in many subjects such as geography, history, mathematics, and science. And also graphs give us information about the population of any particular area etc.

Chart: The chart way is used in Hindi, English, Geography, History, Economics, Civics, Mathematics, and Science and also shows various forms of nouns in grammar in English or Hindi.

Bulletin board: A bulletin board is a board where students display pictures of essential information about the country’s political, economic, and social problems. This helps to increase the proficiency of the students.

Museum: The museum is also an essential tool of education to improve the knowledge of the students in which all the objects are kept in one place, making the text more attractive and alive with these objects. The museum contains very helpful items.

Projector: Projectors play the most significant role among the most used tools in the current education system. Teaching-learning is made more simple and more enjoyable through projectors. Through the projector, the students get various kinds of enjoyment and memory, expansion of observational power, curiosity, etc.

Slides and films: Slides and films are used as teaching aids. Slides of pictures or film strips can be offered by the projector in a sequence to give students learning.

Globe: With the help of the globe, children are shown continents, oceans, rivers, and mountains. The globe is used to show students the shape of the earth, the northern and southern hemispheres, and latitude and longitude lines.

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2. Audio aids

This teaching aid targets to improve the listening and communication skills of the students. Some students in the classroom are auditory learners, such students can get an advantage from audio aids. Audio aids are incorporated in audio content such as gramophone, radio, telephone, teleconferencing, and tape recorders. Here, students develop their mental powers and healing powers by hearing the content.

Radio: Through radio, children are notified about the current happenings and information. Teaching programs connected to different subjects of different classes are described on the radio which creates the power of the students to learn, listen, understand, and remember as well.

Tape recorder: A tape recorder is a famous tool in the education world. With the help of a tape recorder, students can enjoy and learn. It helps to fix all errors and ideas related to students’ speed of speech.

Teleconferencing: With the help of teleconferencing, students can be informed and it is the medium through which many schools can be linked together. Different teachers and different children can acquire essential information by talking through teleconferencing.

3. Audio-Visual Aids

We all know how technologies are increasing and improving. Here is another example just for you. Technology has expanded and improved the experience of students with the addition of Audio-Visual educational aids.

Films: There are many benefits of movies or cinema in the field of education. The wisdom gained by it is more valuable than in other mediums. It is because students can learn well by watching and listening. By showing movies, documentaries, and films, children can effortlessly be given knowledge of different countries, places, and events.

Television: All the usefulness of cinema or film can also be derived from television, but its scope is much wider than cinema. In today’s modern era, television broadcasts entertainment programs to enhance the knowledge of children. However, this process is used by universities like IGNOU and UGC to broadcast different types of educational programs with the help of satellites so that the students can understand and learn.

Computer: The use of computers is one of the most used devices in the modern education system. With the help of this electronic device, the education world has got a golden chance for learning. The usage of computers can be seen not only in the education world but also in different areas in today’s life.

With the help of different types of teaching aids, the teacher makes teaching and learning enjoyable and attractive. It helps students in their mental development and also the teacher saves time in describing any topic. 

So, teaching aids are essential tools in the education system. If you are an online course teacher then use can use Graphy’s all-in-one-course platform to teach your students using these 3 types of teaching aids. You can also use other features of sales and marketing to gain more students. 

What are the needs for teaching aids

Teachers use a combination of tools to make the method of teaching and learning simple, engaging, and practical. This process makes it easier to teach even the most complex subject. It also makes sense and saves time as students learn very fast by watching than reading. Therefore teachers use different teaching aids to teach.

However, there are many students with a propensity to forget easily. So such students can get advantages from teaching aids.

  • Teaching aids make the subject engaging and enable students to learn it in depth.
  • Teaching aids help to comprehend the concept easily and grasp it thoroughly.
  • With teaching aids, learners can understand the concept by making an image of the topic.
  • Teaching aids improve the conceptual consideration of students.
  • Teaching aids do not make the concept boring instead it makes an environment of interest and makes it enjoyable to learn.

With the help of teaching aids, students can understand with accuracy and even faster.

It is proved that understanding with a visual model stays in memory for a longer time than textual representation. It drives better with direct experience.

What is the importance of teaching aids

Teaching aids play an essential part in the teaching-learning process. It presents information uniquely and practically so that students get a better understanding. In addition to this, the objective of teaching aids in the classroom support teachers in reaching the different kinds of learners in the classroom.

Now, let us check on how teaching aids can help students to achieve their goals:

Benefits of teaching aids

Novelty: Students love new things and creation in the classroom. Different teaching aids help to break the boring routines and add a healthy and interesting life to the classes.

Keep the information longer: The adequate use of teaching aids will help students to better control what they have been taught.

Better experience: Teaching aids help to express concepts in a better manner. The learners would comprehend the lessons well and have a better experience. Teaching aids typically help to break down the redundancy in the classroom and make classes more active and interesting.

Increases conceptual thinking: The classroom environment improves with different teaching aids and the creation of the ideal for conceptual thought and helps students to develop their horizons.

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We hope you have got a complete guide about the different types of teaching aids that the modern education system uses. However, there is also a very thin line between teaching aids and instructional materials. 

The instructional materials are usually a part of the curriculum and teaching aids are used as extra material that helps the education process smoother. We believe teaching aids have drastically improved the Indian education system and have helped our students to understand and know about the subject easily with less struggle. 

This advanced way of teaching helps our country to improve and move forwards in the educational sector. We are in the online sector and we feel happy when our creators or teachers teach their curriculum using the Graphy course creation platform. This has helped us also to be a part of such educational change.

What waiting for? Be a part of the change and use different types of teaching aids to teach your students today.