In this blog, we’ll share with you the top 5 most useful tools for creators that you may use across different stages of the content creation process to create lucrative online courses of your own.

-create an online course in 2022

The past several years have been life-changing for a lot of people, especially online educators. Reports state the e-learning market to be valued at $457.8 billion by 2026.

With people becoming more familiar with e-Learning, there is an increased demand for online courses. Though, the process to create and sell courses online can be intimidating, especially if you have never created one before.

There are plenty of options exploding these days for creating online content. As a result, you can easily get confused while sifting through all of the options.

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But as long as you are clear in your head about the essentials required, there are a plethora of useful tools that can help you to sell courses online effortlessly and affordably.

Therefore, we’ve listed down the top 5 most useful tools for creators like you, using which you can create more engaging and interactive content for your online course.

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Top 5 most useful tools for creators

A creator’s teaching toolkit majorly depends on the size of their student base, subject, budget, and any additional learning requirements they may have.

However one can expand their teaching toolkit to bring variety in their course material.

Listed below are some widely used tools by creators that can truly help you to create and deliver the best content possible most effectively.

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Editing Video, Audio, and Graphics

Adobe Premiere Research shows that the video format of online learning facilitates better interaction amongst students.

Thus, incorporating video lessons in your course will help you to increase engagement amongst your learners and sell courses online easily.

Adobe Premiere, with its versatile toolkit, hails as one of the best video editing tools for creators all over the world.

The software is tailored to learn how to edit simple videos as well as offers a customizable set of professional tools.

Where most systems allow you to work with a limited number of camera angles, Adobe Premiere’s multi-camera iteration can be used for an unlimited amount of time.

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Using Adobe Premiere you can add filters, import images/videos/music, special effects, audio/video transitions options, and save them as your own preset to use in the future while preparing your next online course material.

But the most fascinating feature of this video editing tool is the lumetri color tool, which offers color adjustment and manipulation as good as that of Photoshop.

Most professional creators consider Adobe Premiere as their go-to tool for editing course videos. However, we recommend watching tutorials available online to truly get a hang of it.

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Are you an online course creator who wants to add commentary?

Or, improve the audio quality of your course video?

Then MultitrackStudio is the best audio editing software tool out there for you.

Available for both Mac and Windows users, MultitrackStudio is an affordable tool for audio recording and editing with AI features.

Compared to other audio editors, MultitrackStudio stands out for its ability to let you preview effects in real-time. Using the tool you can record, edit and mix and adjust layers of audio for your online video lessons.
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You can also perform complex manipulations on audio files till the desired output is achieved.

Even experts using MultitrackStudio appreciate the software’s clean and colorful design and recommend it to podcasters and video content creators.

However, we recommend memorizing some of its in-built keyboard shortcuts in case you plan on editing frequently.

Use this tool to remove unwanted disturbances such as clicks, pops, and hums to make your online courses significantly more efficient.

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Designing your course content can be pricey depending on the quantity of content you desire.

However, if you have the time and money required in developing the creatives, then Canva makes the entire process a lot easier for you.

With no prior design experience needed, the creative design tool developed by non-designers is one of the most popular online design software tools that offer a professional and incredibly easy-to-use platform to create quality design assets in no time at all.

With Canva you can create designs from a blank canvas or use some of their pre-designed templates to create a lot of incredible designs for your online course.

They offer features such as cropping and resizing images, adding filters, frames, text, and effects in the free version making it the perfect option for new designers working with templates.

However, if you want more, it is worth investing in a Canva Pro account which provides you access to more complex tools and features that can help you to expand and bring variety to the graphics of your online course.

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But what makes Canva stand out from other online designing tools is that they have no watermark restrictions even in their free version. This is something very crucial for your brand’s identity.
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Content Editing tools


Course content with poor grammar can easily put students or visitors off of your course website. Thus, experts recommend using the most useful writing tool available for content editing – Grammarly.

Grammarly, based on spelling and grammar checks of your written content, provides rational suggestions to improve your writing. It also checks your written content to avoid accidental plagiarism.

Not just that but it also gives you better word suggestions which you can use to enhance your vocabulary and the overall content of your course.

You can use the comprehensive free version, or upgrade to a premium version to use features like customizing your content based on your audience, using genre writing style check, and many more to avoid nuanced errors.

Growing to 30 million daily active users, Grammarly is the best content editing or writing tool option out there for you.

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OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

Open Broadcaster Software or OBS is a powerful open-source tool used to perform screen recording, video streaming/encoding, broadcasting, etc. 

Supported by widely used operating systems like Windows, MAC, Linux, OBS is preferred to create scenes using different sources like images, texts, webcams, window captures, and many more.

The platform supports various plug-ins as per your needs to maintain high-quality performance. Particularly, course creators can use the seamless custom transition feature during their LIVE webinars.

Use OBS to have no recording limit, provide advanced configuration options, avoid watermark issues, and many more.

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There are tons of tools out there that can help you to sell courses online

However, you can get access to the tools which I mentioned to make the process of content creation easier and boost the quality, conversions, and user satisfaction of your online course.

With the right set of tools and the right course creation platform, you can easily supercharge your courses for better engagement and knowledge retention.

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