In this blog, we will establish why Graphy is the best Gumroad alternative for creators in 2022.

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The creator economy is flourishing by leaps and bounds. This growth has empowered thousands of creators to come in the front row and create life-changing digital products. 

We have seen creators who started from scratch but, have been able to create an impact on a global scale through their online courses. Not only this, but they have also built thousand dollar knowledge commerce businesses which now, has converted into a revenue-generating machine for them. 

But, they were able to create an impact and grow their revenues exponentially because of the course hosting platform that they were using to create, market, sell, and launch their products. 

In this blog, we will be comparing the two robust online course platforms – Graphy and Gumroad on multiple fronts. Along with the comparison, we will also reveal which platform is right for you to host your digital products. 

We will compare the capabilities of Graphy and Gumroad on the fronts mentioned below: 

  • Branded Website and Mobile Application
  • Integrated Payment Gateways 
  • Customer Support 
  • Analytics 
  • Pricing

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Why Graphy is the best Gumroad alternative?

Branded Website and Mobile Application

Being a knowledge commerce entrepreneur, you will need a branded website and mobile application to:

  • Build your authority and
  • Establish yourself as a subject matter expert 

Both Graphy and Gumroad help creators to create and sell their online courses by providing them with well-equipped tools. Although both platforms offer beautiful templates that help you create professional-looking websites. 

But, when we compared the two platforms closely, we have figured out major differences among their website features. 

Graphy helps you in building your completely branded website including –

  • Product Page 
  • Separate section for blogs 
  • Home page 
  • Help Page
  • Policy page 

Here, branded signifies that the term ‘Powered by Graphy’ is not going to be there on your website. Once you sign up on the platform, everything that you create and upload there will belong to you in its truest sense. 

Website, Content, Blog, Digital Products: Everything belongs to you!

Graphy is the best Gumroad alternative

Apart from your course website, Graphy, the best Gumroad alternative, also helps you to launch your institute’s branded android as well as the iOS mobile application. Your institute’s app is going to be listed on both Google Play and Apple Store.

Launching your institute’s mobile app will help your learners to learn on the go. They won’t have to worry about carrying the laptop all the time. Whenever they will have time, they can simply open your app and learn through it. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing?

Whereas, on Gumroad, you can only set up your digital shop where you can sell your digital products. If you want to create multiple sections like a blog, privacy page, and help section, you can not do that on Gumroad. 

Moreover, you will also have Gumroad branding at the footnote of your website. And the feature of the mobile app is completely missing on Gumroad. Hence, if you want to launch your mobile app, Gumroad would fall short. 

Bottom Line: If you want to build a website and mobile app that represents your brand, we would suggest you choose Graphy. But, if you don’t want to have multiple sections and only want to set up a digital shop to sell your products, you can choose Gumroad as well. 

Integrated Payment Gateways 

When selling your digital products all around the world, you can not rely on one or two payment gateways. 

You need to choose a course hosting platform that allows you to integrate multiple payment gateways. Because if you choose a platform that supports only one or two payment gateways, it may become a hindrance for you to boost your sales. 

Graphy, the best Gumroad alternative, allows you to integrate almost all the major payment gateways within your course platform. Therefore, you will never have to lose a sale just because you don’t have the payment gateway via which your learner wants to pay you. 

Within your Graphy course platform, you can integrate: 

  • Paytm 
  • Razorpay
  • Instamojo
  • Stripe 
  • Paypal
  • CCAvenue and many more
Graphy is the best Gumroad alternative

Whereas, Gumroad on the other hand, allows you to receive payments only via Paypal. Hence, if your learners do not use this mode of payment, you will end up losing truckloads of revenue. 

Bottom Line: If you are planning to sell your digital product all around the world, Graphy is the right platform for you. 

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Customer Support

For every small or big detail, you will depend on the support team of the course platform to help you out. Especially, if you are from a non-technical background. 

Hence, having robust customer support is a prerequisite and you should definitely consider this feature while finalizing the course platform to host your online courses. 

Graphy provides decent customer support to its clients. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who would always be there to help you out from Day 1.

Graphy is the best Gumroad alternative

 You could easily reach out to their support team via –

  • Call with your dedicated account manager
  • Email 
  • Live Chat Support 

Moreover, Graphy, the best Gumroad alternative, also has a comprehensive knowledge base that you can always look up to in case you want to solve your queries or blockers by yourself. 

Whereas, Gumroad only provides email support to their clients. They don’t have the feature of call support and a dedicated account manager. However, in case of doubts or queries, you can also check out their help center. 

Bottom Line: When it comes to providing decent customer support, we can see that Graphy is on the winning side. 


Being a knowledge entrepreneur you need to keep a close eye on your sales-related data. Whether the sale is generated by your affiliate or via paid marketing campaigns, you need to track them all. 

Both Graphy and Gumroad offer analytics features to their clients. But, we have figured out a few differences between the two platforms when it comes to analytics. 

Let’s examine them!

On Gumroad you can track: 

  • Conversion Rate 
  • Direct Sales 
  • Specific Product Sales 

Whereas, Graphy on the other hand, allows you to track: 

  • Conversion Rate 
  • UTM Sources 
  • Affiliate Commission and Referrals 
  • Direct Sales 
  • Progress of your learners 

Graphy, the best Gumroad alternative, gives you more detailed and relevant information so that you can plan a better affiliate and marketing strategy in the future. 

Bottom Line: From the above-mentioned comparison, we can conclude that Graphy is a clear winner when it comes to analytics. 

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Pricing is one of the most important aspects and is always considered when it comes to finalizing an online course hosting platform. Compare different alternatives and pay attention to their pricing and features before making the final decision. 

Graphy, the best Gumroad alternative, offers four different pricing plans – Basic, Pro, Business, and Advanced to its clients. Our basic plan starts from Rs. 3499 and the highest plan goes up to Rs 19999. 

We offer multiple pricing plans so that our clients can choose the plan according to their budget and requirements. Therefore, whether you are a creator or a college, or an educational institution, we have a plan for you!

Whereas, Gumroad on the other hand does not have a monthly, quarterly, or yearly pricing plan. You can start for free. But, the moment you start earning, you will have to share a portion of your revenue with them. 

For instance, If you earn $10, you will have to share 9% of your revenue with them. This means that out of the $10, you will earn only $1 and the rest will be paid to Gumroad. 

However, the percentage of revenue share will decrease as you start to earn more. 

But, can you think of earning $1000 from the day you start? 

No, right?

Therefore, if you sell your digital products on Gumroad, you will have to share a major chunk of your revenue with them. 

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Bottom Line: If you have a huge audience from the day you start, you can choose Gumroad. But, if you are starting out, we would recommend you to choose Graphy. As on Graphy, you will pay only for the features that you want to use. 

Final Verdict:

At a mere glance, anyone could say that both Graphy and Gumroad are almost similar. But, now after going through this comparison you can easily analyze the differences between the two platforms. 

Both Gumroad and Graphy have their own strengths and both strive hard to provide the best-in-class features to the creator economy. 

But, if you want to establish your brand with a professional website, blog, and a store of digital products, Graphy, the best Gumroad alternative, is the right platform for you!