In this blog, we will talk about where do fake followers come from and how to spot fake Instagram followers.

The inevitable truth of the platform is fake Instagram followers.

They are an easy way for people to increase the number of their followers. However, fake Instagram followers are a much bigger problem than you think.

They can harm your ranking in the system, diminish your trustworthiness, and even upset Instagram.

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In this blog, we’ll explain where these fake followers come from and also how to spot fake Instagram followers.

Let’s get right into it!

Where do fake Instagram followers come from?

The number of followers you have can have a big impact on your account’s perceived influence.

To maximize their account’s earning potential, some people will concentrate their efforts on purchasing followers. This following may contain some genuine users, but they are typically made up of fake accounts that have been created by so-called bots. Moreover, it is very easy to spot fake Instagram followers.

Since fake followers cause so many issues, Instagram started taking action against such accounts in 2017.  As a result, Instagress, a paid service that allowed users to increase their following by automatically liking and commenting on photographs, was shut down as a result of this move.

The advantages of doing so seem obvious; by reducing the number of false accounts active on the platform, influencers and businesses may choose to focus on a following that is real and has a high degree of engagement rather than on sheer numbers.

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Why do people buy fake followers?

Some users incorrectly believe that a user’s number of followers is the most crucial aspect of their success on social media. So they try to acquire followers in order to buy their way to success faster. They connect their popularity with the number of followers they publicly flaunt.

But that is not how social media functions. Anyone could purchase followers. However, if you lack the power to influence others, you will not be an influencer. You must establish yourself as a creative leader in your industry and gradually grow your fan base. 

Buying followers has the consequence of giving you a very unbalanced account. Thousands of people follow you, but they rarely interact. The only person you can influence is yourself, and anyone looking at your account may easily see what you did.

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How to spot fake Instagram followers 

The most simple way to spot fake Instagram followers is to enter their account names into a credibility checker.

But how can you say that somebody isn’t a genuine follower? 

Here are some signs of how to spot fake Instagram followers.

  1. Clueless and irrelevant comments

Some bots write comments to give the impression that they are real. The issue is that these comments are very generic. You might notice, for instance, that a particular account frequently comments, “good picture” or “good effort.”

Such comments are useless to a business hoping to convince an influencer to convince their followers that their product is right for them.

Similar to this, some accounts post pointless spam comments with evident promotional intent.  Sometimes they are poorly planned and carried out sales strategies. 

  1. Intense activity for a few days followed by a dip in activity

On the day it is made, a bot will follow hundreds or thousands of users. In order to look genuine, it might even share some content on that day. The bot relies on users not checking their accounts and unfollowing the fake account once it has followed enough users.

The number of followers of real influencers typically grows as time goes on. Once they are acknowledged as an influencer, the rate of growth may quicken, but they won’t experience a sudden surge of followers.

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  1. The hidden or copied profile section

Usually, those who create fake accounts don’t put much effort into writing profiles that sound believable. They only fill in the very minimum amount of information in the bio section, or they completely omit it. Sometimes they even change the settings to hide the profile. Because you can’t see their specifics, this makes your research more difficult. However, you should consider how sincere a person is if they hide their biographical data. Do they have the potential to attract and maintain a loyal following?

Similar to this, you should consider the absence of a profile photo as a warning sign, especially on a visual platform like Instagram.

Unethical Instagram users may occasionally “catfish” you by writing completely false bios and frequently using someone else’s photos.

  1. There are “unusual” numbers on an account

     When it comes to numbers of followers, individuals followed, and degrees of engagement, genuine accounts frequently follow similar trends. Even though every account is operated differently and some “newbies” don’t operate their accounts like expert Instagram users, outliers are simple to identify.

For instance, they can have hundreds of followers and likes but few followers in return. Maybe they don’t post very often, if at all. While it’s not a given that they are a bot, this does imply that they won’t be very useful as followers. They will undoubtedly have no impact on anyone.

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Free Instagram audit tool [fake follower & audience credibility checker]

  Any influencer’s Instagram handle can be entered into the Instagram Bot Analytics Tool [Instagram Audit – Fake Follower & Audience Credibility Checker], which will provide you with a great insight into the account’s reliability.

Please be aware that Hypeauditor is the provider of this instrument; if you have any questions about a quality score, contact them directly. Publishers, agencies, and brands can access this information through Hypeauditor. Graphy makes no guarantees about the accuracy of its results.

Any genuine influencer who puts effort into ensuring their audience is legitimate will achieve ratings of 80 or higher. 

If you want to remove all fake followers from your account, you can :

  1. Report their account by going to their profile and selecting the report button from the 3 dots in the top right corner.
  1. Simply use the analytics tool to spot fake Instagram followers, and while looking at the list you can click on the ‘remove’ button to the right of the fake follower.

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How to get legitimate followers

Nowadays, it is very easy to spot fake Instagram followers, which also ruins your business.

So here are some tips to increase your followers without purchasing them.

  • Make sure your profile is optimized. Good bio with great copy that makes people want to click Follow
  • Share genuine content, as mentioned before. This can be your own original content or you can collect the best content from others in your space and repost that content.
  • Use logical hashtags. Find 30 that are unique and not broad. Don’t go for only ones with 5,000,000 posts or more. Mix them up too and look at which ones perform the best.
  • Set up an engagement group. If you have 500 followers, create a group of 10 other accounts with similar interests and followers and engage with each other’s posts authentically.
  • Follow accounts of those who are following accounts that have a similar audience to what you’re shooting for. Don’t randomly follow all, make sure they’re the accounts you want to engage with. 

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