Documented On: Oct 1st, 2019

In order to stay relevant in the industry & to value the convenience of educators, Spayee is always on the lookout to be better. Better in terms of providing value & giving back to its patrons. Hence, we constantly take feedback from our customers and incorporate them into our platform.

Here is a compiled list of product updates of Spayee which have recently been launched:

Dual Validity

We have introduced the option to choose dual validity restrictions on individual courses. You can now choose the combination of Fixed Date & Viewing Hours as well as Number of Days & Viewing Hours in order to set a validity period for your course. If you choose 100 hours and 30th Dec as your validity period, then whatever reaches first will expire the course. You can now choose “No Validity” as an option too.

Deciding the Validity Period for Courses.

In-app Update

Updating your apps gives learners access to the latest features and improves its security and stability. Therefore, your learners no more need to head to play store to update to its latest version. The update notification will pop up in the App hence your learners would be able to do it within the App only.

Hide Validity Period

After learners purchase your course you can enable/disable showing remaining validity of the course in their account. If you enable this option, learners won’t be able to view “Remaining time left” for that course.

PDF Watermark

For every individual PDF that you upload, you have the option to “enable/disable” showing learners’ Id and phone number watermark within the document. If you disable this feature, your uploaded PDF will stay unaffected.

Learners’ Access Control

Along with putting an overall restriction on the number of device login per learner, you can now restrict learners’ number of device login limit on website & app separately.  Example: You can select 1 for Web & 0 for the App to allow one login per learner only on the website. 

New Currency Payment Integration

Our payment gateway integration now supports the UAE currency AED (Dirham) as well. You can select the currency you want to accept the payment in, then select Payment Gateway of your choice, between “Razor Pay” & “Paypal”.

Please note that the above-mentioned updates would be available from the App version 2.0.2 or above.