In this blog, we will understand how successfully you can rebrand your online course.

Create, market, and sell online course

Rebranding your online course can be challenging and time-consuming. First, understand why you need to rebrand your online courses and have clarity. If you think rebranding can help you showcase your mission, then there is no looking back.

Today everything is online – from businesses to even ordering groceries. Everything is so digital. It is all because people are consuming more digital content. When you see your ideal customers are in the digital space, take a pause and think about your business.

Can your online business change the game of online teaching and improve your brand? For improvement, does your brand or business needs complete rebranding or just marketing.

Before executing the process, understand how to rebrand your online course. Read blogs and articles on how other brands have rebranded their website, name, logo, company mission, and purpose.

Remember – while these transformations are happening, your businesses still need to connect and communicate with customers. 

It is an ongoing process.

However, whatever may be your reasons for rebranding your online course, you can know what Graphy experts have to say on rebranding.

Read the detailed guide on how to rebrand your online course in 5 steps.

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How to rebrand your online courses to attract the new audience

Follow this five checklist to rebrand your business.

Checklist 1: Get the basics correctly

When you’re ready to remake your business, the first thing you need to do is get the basics right. The most essential step of brand building is doing the brand audit.

Let’s dive into the brand audit.

A brand audit will help you decide whether you need a complete brand makeover or just a partial rebranding. A brand audit is all about the internal philosophy of your brand. Before you start making changes, you need to know where your brand stands now.

Ask yourself — why does your business exist, and for what purpose? Ask yourself such questions, and you will get your answer. When you have your answer ready, you know the next step and how you need to execute the process.

Statistics show that 83 % of customers care about genuineness when choosing brands to support.

So, you need to figure out your why. It is the only reason why a customer chooses your online course business.

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Checklist 2: The tone of voice matters

How do you communicate with your customers—Your language and tone matter when it comes to brand building. Understand your ideal customers and accordingly maintain the tone of your brand. Don’t be harsh; instead, use a minimalistic and clear voice that is pleading to your target audience. 

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Checklist 3: Visual branding

The rebranding strategy is about updating your brand’s visual identity. Your visual brand identity indicates changing and structuring your brand logo, fonts, and color palette.

Visual brand assets play a vital role in marketing and sales.

However, research has shown that using a signature color improves brand recognition by 80%. When you are seeking to turn your business into a brand, focus on building a visual branding that will help audiences identify you in the crowd. Along with the color of the brand, website fonts, social media posts also plays an important role in the rebranding process.

When your audiences scroll down their feeds or Instagram Stories, they’ll immediately recognize your branding color and logos. Updating your visual features is the first half. The second half is updating your brand voice or the mission statement.

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Checklist 4: Mission statement

When you know your brand’s voice and have completed auditing, your next mission is to work on your mission statement. Your mission statement should be short and must be action-oriented. It should clearly explain what your business aims to achieve. Your mission statement should say it all. According to the research, 89% of customers are loyal to brands that share their values. Accordingly, show your customers what value you will provide inside your course. Your mission statement is your promise to a customer. Your statement can show your potential customers what they will get from you.

Rebranding and staying consistent can grow your revenue by 10–20%. Brand consistency is essential to building connections and relationships with current and potential customers. Customers will easily recognize and remember your brand when they’re ready to buy from you, hence rebrand your online course.

Checklist 5: Digital assets

When you are revamping your brand, digital assets play a crucial role. As an online course creator, your digital assets include your online course page, landing pages, sales pages, and your website. To grab your audience’s attention, you have less than 0.5 seconds to make an impression on those who first stumbled upon into website.

To get more clarity and understand better, ask yourself such questions: Is your website user-friendly? Is your website up to date? 

However, your website must be updated with blogs, articles, students’ testimonials, and online course information. The website should also have a fast loading speed. The speed and the comfort of navigating your digital assets are essential parts of your brand.

We hope by now you have a clear idea of how you can rebrand your online course.

 Now let’s understand what can be the reasons for rebranding.

Three reasons why one should rethink rebranding online course

Rebranding is a complicated process and carries risks. Eventually, knowing the risks of rebranding can help you decide whether or not you’re going to rebrand for the right reasons. If you’re looking at rebranding your business because sales have dropped, then consider a new marketing strategy. Such issues can be solved – just by creating a new marketing approach.

1) Repositioning in the online course market

As a creator, your course and the way of teaching connect the audiences. Your audiences love the way you teach as you provide in-depth knowledge about the subject.

But if you feel disconnected from your audiences, then reposition your business or your online course to target a new customer profile. 

2) New philosophy

Your business’s mission, vision, and values make a brand. When your perspective, goals, and philosophy meets, then the business becomes successful. Revamp your course with your new philosophy and give direction to your business. Or reevaluate your brand.

3) If looking for attention

Are you looking to grab the attention of new audiences? If this is the only reason, it can be a wrong decision. Understand why you need attention. Is your sales low, or you are not able to see the growth. What is the reason? If you still think rebrand is the right choice for you, go ahead and plan and execute a rebranding strategy.

Are you ready to rebrand

Now that you know everything about a rebrand, it’s time to launch your online course. It’s the best time to engage your audiences through online social media platforms about your upcoming online courses. Show your audience some snippets of your course-making process, talk online, do live steaming before launching this course. Create the hype all around. Then announce the date and time and re-launch your online course.

The key takeaway

Eventually, rebranding your online course is not a cakewalk. You have to thoroughly understand the significance of rebranding, which involves rethinking marketing strategy, visual identity, and messaging to revamp the version of your brand. A refreshed brand can help you reach new audiences, change perceptions, and recharge your sales.

By now, you have almost become an expert while reading this blog on how to rebrand your online course. And rebranding your business doesn’t have to be expensive or complex. It may take some time but will give good results when done the right way. Starting with a proper rebranding strategy and understanding your audience will always yield the best results. However, some rebranding fails because creators try for shortcut processes, or they never empathy their audiences. Therefore, It’s also essential that you build a brand that displays you as an expert in the online coaching business. It must also convey your market positioning. 

In this blog, we will understand how successfully you can rebrand your online course.

Use Graphy to rebrand your online course and you are good to go!