In order to create a successful knowledge business, you need to keep your learners engaged throughout online learning. In this blog, we’ll learn the top 5 effective ways using which you can create better course interaction.

Effective marketing is just the first step to getting students for your online course. Keeping them engaged and invested in the whole process is crucial too. Because, even though they have paid the money, the mission of online teaching is to actually be of help. Moreover, you want to engage students so that they keep coming back for more learning.

Engage students in online learning

Let’s find out the top 5 ways to ensure that your students get the most out of your course while maximizing your opportunities for repeat business. Not to mention, you’ll find the process of course creation much more enjoyable if the students you cater to, are engaged and invested.  

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1. Refine your presentation style

You can focus on creating engaging content, as much as you want. However, nothing of it will reap benefits until you refine the most crucial part of your course: you. Your advertising efforts need energy and life to succeed. Same way, you need to be interesting and approachable during your course.

Being a creator you might already know the art of connecting with your audience. Especially in the case of online learning, it becomes paramount. Spend some time to go through your course yourself. Give honest feedback. 

Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself:

Do I sound relatable and at ease? 

Is my tone friendly or authoritative?

Am I aware of my audience’s response or being ignorant?

Would I like to learn from myself again?

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2. Use storytelling and real-world examples

We human beings thrive on stories. Storytelling will always be more effective than simple lecturing. To begin with, stories are inherently less dry and more engaging than recitation. Participants feel more connected to the whole learning experience, as they have the chance to relate to human characteristics. 

Through stories, you can also leverage the classic theory versus practice battle. So many of us have come out of schools questioning Algebra because we didn’t understand why we were learning it. But, if we were taught with more practical examples, maths wouldn’t have felt like an alien subject. 

Bring your real-life experience to your sessions. Make it fun and relatable, yet valuable.

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3. Use multimedia course content

There is just too much content everywhere we go. One-sided webinars and redundant videos are consuming virtual space. Amidst all of these, inject powerful graphics and interactive multimedia content into your course curriculum. 

Break down the whole curriculum into small digestible units and incorporate varied teaching styles. This will help you engage visual learners. Make sure that the LMS you are using allows you to experiment with multimedia course content. 

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4. Take feedback and improvise

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is simply creating an online course and keeping offering it with no improvisation. Presumably, you will put a lot of time and effort into developing learning material. Hence, it would be a good idea to spend a little extra time making sure it turned out the way you have envisioned. 

Encourage your beta students to provide you honest feedback. Give them some sort of bonus or reward in the exchange. 

Finally, identify areas for improvement. Do not be overly critical of yourself, just objectively consider how you can make your course better.

5. Create opportunities for live interactions

The primary difference between a classroom and online learning is the lack of personal human interaction. When you are providing an online learning environment to participants, do not leave any stones unturned in making them interactive. 

Provide ample opportunities for participants to engage personally. You can achieve it through online live sessions, forums, and an online community. Leverage group sessions and discussion boards to let students interact with each other. We at Graphy are hell-bent on your success. Hence, our student engagement features are world-class.

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To Sum It Up

While launching your online sessions, be prepared for the delivery. While working from a prepared script, it’s easy to fall into a monotone delivery. Hence, it’s essential that you keep the spirit high at all times. Bring variation in your tone and inflection. When it comes to the speed of your presentation, come at a sweet spot. Keep your audience at the forefront and think from their standpoint.

Most importantly, take a breath and keep at it!

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