In this blog, we are going to share a foolproof strategy that is going to help you to market your online courses using an email sequence. 

Create, market, and sell online course

Creating an online course is an achievement in itself and along with that if you have been able to build your email list then don’t forget to give a pat on your back. 

Building an email list is a very time-consuming and tricky process. But, the real game starts when you have to roll out emails to your leads. Many creators struggle at this stage and make the mistake of sending the same emails to their cold as well as warm leads. Consequently, their conversion rates decrease. 

But, the key here is to know that everyone on your email list is not going to be on the same page. Therefore, you can not send the same email to all of them.

So, if you are someone who’s struggling to market their online courses using email sequence, you have come to the right place!

As in this blog, we are going to share a foolproof strategy that is going to help you to market your online course using an email sequence. 

Let’s forge ahead! 

Steps to market your online courses using email sequence 

1- Begin with welcome emails 

Whenever you get the email address of any potential learner always send them a warm automated welcome email. The welcome email sets the tone for how your relationship is going to be with leads. Hence, write it carefully and make sure that your learners feel welcomed. 

Why welcome emails are important? 

  • Welcome emails have higher open rates as compared to any other promotional emails 
  • As per the studies, welcome emails are approximately 86% more effective than standard newsletters 
  • People who receive welcome emails are 33% more likely to show interest 

How you should write welcome emails? 

As discussed above, welcome emails set the tone for your bond with your learners so make sure that you express your enthusiasm and excitement in your welcome emails. Show your leads how happy you are to have them included in your mailing list. 

Since it would be your first email so to make your marketing efforts more effective, incorporate some tips shared below:

  • Write a catchy subject line 
  • Make it visually appealing
  • Don’t be salesy in your first email 
  • Try to keep it as crisp and short as possible 
  • Give your leads a personalized experience
  • Tell your leads how exciting their journey is going to be with you 

2- Hook your readers with engaging emails 

After sending the welcome email, the next step is to seize the attention of your readers. Be careful at this point because once your lead loses interest, they will not open your following emails. Hence, make sure that you write content that draws the attention of your readers.

Here are a few tips to make your emails more engaging: 

Write attention-grabbing subject lines 

The subject line plays a very important role in your email marketing strategy. Whether your lead will open your email or not depend a lot on your subject line. Hence, make sure that you write it in such a manner that it draws the attention of your readers.

Write as if you are talking to one person

We know you will be sending the same email to everyone who’s a part of your email list. But, to stand out and make your emails engaging, write them as if you are talking to one person. 

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Be casual

While writing emails, talk to your reader as a friend. Give them suggestions and take feedback from them. This will help you to increase engagement and build long-lasting relationships with your readers. 

Add humor 

Honestly, no one likes boring emails. Hence. Try to add humor whenever possible. In fact, to make it look more appealing you can also add some funny GIFs.

3- Provide Value 

The secret to high email opening and engagement rates is to provide value!

Catchy subject lines will help you to improve the email opening rate but, if the content isn’t great, your lead won’t engage. Hence, whenever you send out a mail to your email list make sure that your email is going to add some value to their life. 

Sharing intellectual or educational content always is not going to work. In fact, your learners might get bored. Hence, share content that your readers want to read. 

Probably, as an experiment, you can share your life experiences with them. 

After sharing that, you can take their feedback like if they liked your content and whether they want to receive such type of content again or not. On that basis, you can continue or discontinue writing such emails. Add buttons in your emails like reading the blog or watching the video.

Moreover, you can also share some positive testimonials and success stories of your existing or previous batch learners. This will motivate your leads to sign up for your online courses

4- Share irresistible offers 

After providing value consistently, your cold leads will convert into warm leads. This is the right time to introduce them to a solution ie, your course which can help them to achieve their goals. 

Since these leads have been a part of your mailing list for a long time, they should get some benefits that others can not. Hence, share some exciting offers with your leads that they can not resist. 

Give them special discount offers and coupon codes that they can claim within a specified time period. Apart from this, you can also give discounts like get an ebook free on purchase of the ‘XYZ’ course. This trick never fails. 

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5- Add relevant CTA’s 

Adding relevant CTA’s will work as a cherry on the cake!

As it will give your learners the ease to directly visit the sales page of your online course and purchase it. 

On the contrary, if you don’t add relevant CTA’s, your leads will have to visit your website, search for the course that you want them to purchase, add it to the cart, and then make the final purchase. 

So, when you can make the purchasing process easy for them by adding relevant CTA”s then why make it time-consuming without any reason? Hence, always add relevant CTA’s 

6- Create urgency 

Creating urgency will help you to persuade your leads to the action. 

When you provide an offer for a limited time period, your leads are more likely to make a purchase. By now, they must be aware of your teaching style, and if they like how you teach, they will not miss out on such deals. Hence, you should leverage this strategy.

To create urgency, write subject lines like hurry up! limited seats, today only, or limited time offer. In your email copy, mention that new admission will be closed after the specified time window. 

Moreover, don’t forget to add timers to your emails. This will add a sense of urgency in the minds of your leads and encourage them to purchase your online courses. 

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To wrap it up! 

Email marketing is one of the best ways to market your online courses and get more sign-ups. And honestly, if you do it in the right way, you are going to reap the benefits of it for sure!

Follow the steps that we have shared in this blog and get the most out of your email marketing efforts.