In this blog, we will discuss live and pre-recorded webinars that you can use to educate students, and generate leads for your course selling business.

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In recent years, webinars are being viewed as a powerful marketing tool that segregates those who are committed & interested in knowing what you have to offer from those who don’t.

Initially, people show interest in a product or service intending to purchase it. However, not all of those people end up qualifying as a lead. Most of them just change their mind halfway.

Whether it’s a seminar, webinar, or any other business event, if someone registers for any said event of yours, it means that he/she is interested in your product or service, and is looking forward to knowing more.

Although we have covered a lot of topics about webinars on Graphy, we understand that you may want to know how to effectively conduct webinar sessions in order to generate more leads and revenue.

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Live vs. Pre-recorded webinars to attract an audience

Without further ado, let’s understand the two most followed types of webinars available to attract an audience.

What is a Live webinar

As the name suggests, Live webinar refers to webinars that are presented to the viewers in real-time. Such webinars essentially require a host to start, run, and end the webinar.

Pros of a Live webinar

  • The live webinar provides an opportunity to connect intensely with the audience. When viewers watch you in real-time, they tend to focus higher than usual.

    They connect better with the stories you share and ultimately lead them to become more convinced to buy your online course.
  • Another best part about using webinars to sell courses online is that you can use the Q&A feature in the best way possible. You can solve your viewer’s queries by answering their doubts and later promote your virtual course as a solution to all their doubts in mind, making them even more certain than before to make a purchase.
  • Live webinars provide you the opportunity to identify your devoted follower. In live webinars, you can see who is repeatedly attending your online events, and provide the faithful fan a little extra attention, which may further boost his/her loyalty to you.
  • In a live webinar, the time and energy invested in creating content, recording, and editing it are eliminated as it is presented in real-time to the viewers.

    Thus, producing content for a live webinar is quicker and a lot simpler, especially if you use a cost-effective yet comprehensive platform like Graphy.

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What is a Pre-recorded webinar?

Pre-recorded webinars are the type of webinar that is recorded before the event date. The host of the webinar is assumed to develop content, record, edit it as per the needs, and present it later to the viewers during the event. 

Unlike YouTube videos, you can add features in a pre-recorded webinar like a poll, Q&A, comments, etc.

For this reason, it is recommended for you to invest in a platform like Graphy that allows you to use their in-built functions available on their website to create and engage better with your audience before, during, or after a webinar.

Moreover, you should also ensure that the benefit of developing your business isn’t limited to webinars only, you can also figure out some other uses of its functionality.

Using Graphy, you get to design, develop, market and sell courses online to leverage your knowledge and grab excellent business opportunities for yourself.

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Pros of Pre-recorded webinar

  • In a pre-recorded webinar, you can rectify your mistakes by editing them out. Furthermore, this provides you the advantage to plan everything subsequently beforehand.
  • Editing a video makes it look more professional. For this reason, when you choose a pre-recorded webinar to interact with your audience, you can add transitions, special effects, sounds, and more to make it more appealing.
  • At times, when you won’t feel satisfied with your recorded content, a pre-recorded webinar will provide you the advantage to re-record the entire webinar, or certain parts of it, to match your requirements with the final output.
  • If you are someone who isn’t comfortable with talking to a lot of people directly, who gets anxious being the center of attention, then pre-recorded webinars are a savior for you. You can record your video before the event date, eliminating the situation where you have to face the audience.

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How do webinars work?

A webinar, just like an in-person workshop or seminar, is a presentation that is often conducted over the internet for a group of people.

Often free or paid, webinars usually have a host that controls the entire program to present it rightly to people from all over the world.

Such a program usually are 30-90mins long and is designed to build interaction with attendees.

During a webinar, viewers can ask questions to the host or other fellow viewers. Additionally, they can participate in chats, answer polls, click links, and make purchases for a product or service that is being promoted.

Typically, the most successful format used for a webinar is:

  • Usually is 30-90 mins long in duration
  • Initially, numerous problems that viewers can identify with are addressed by the host.
  • Ultimately, the host conducts a Q&A session with the viewers and persuades them to purchase the product that is being promoted, as a solution to the issue addressed earlier.

There are plenty of platforms out there to conduct a webinar. However, as a creator online with so many educational requirements, Graphy may be the most suitable platform out there for you.

Using Graphy’s latest technology loaded with impressive features to make it an affordable option for beginners and professional creators like you, you can chuck out any troubles of associating with third-party applications.

Using Graphy’s cost-effective and reliable platform, you can conduct webinars for your learners, build an engaging course, launch lead magnets, and so much more.

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Last but not the least

Research has shown that a lot of businesses online generate significant leads from webinars. We hope that this article has inspired you to seize this amazing opportunity and begin conducting webinars to sell courses online effectively.

Use Graphy! A vigorous platform that offers you countless options to grow your business, captivate the audience, generate leads, and promote & sell courses online.

  • Use Graphy to create lead magnets like webinars and ebooks that attract the audience instantly.
  • Before the event, send the people who registered to attend your webinar reminder emails.
  • Post the event, send the webinar attendees thank you, follow up, & targeted emails, just in case they ended up not purchasing your promoted product.
  • When you use Graphy to create your fully customizable branded website and mobile application, you create a brand value that people often may find relevant.
  • Use Graphy to conduct LIVE webinars as a way to provide an antidote to the obstacle faced by people while purchasing your product.
  • And many more…

Use Graphy’s solid platform to get the most out of your webinar experience.

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