In this blog, you will discover how you can create an online workshop in just seven steps.

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A survey has claimed that one in three people feels sleepy when they get into offline meetings. In today’s era, it’s the best opportunity to shift to the virtual world as everything is going online.

For instance, you have been shopping for groceries all these years by going to the department store. But now! Did you even imagine shopping for the same thing online? No right! Well, because of digitalization, everything went online. 

There has never been a possibility to begin your own – or your company’s – online workshop. More individuals are turning to the internet to gain knowledge and broaden their certification skill set. Similarly, huge kudos to comprehensive learning management system platforms like Graphy; it’s easier than ever to create an online workshop.

The options for online education and experience are truly limitless.

On the other hand, the amount of data, tools, and marketing methods involved in creating and selling an online workshop can indeed be daunting. However, you do not need to start from scratch or invest significant energy/cost to build a viable online workshop.

Now that you are hyped up, let’s dive into the meaning and creation process.

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What is the meaning of an online workshop?

An online workshop is a cohesive conversation in which you and your attendees will delve deeply into a particular subject.

Such workshops are usually much more engaging than standard online meetings. They teach and empower participants through group conversations (which are sometimes divided into small teams or breakout workshops), demonstrations, as well as other tasks.

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7 steps on how to create an online workshop

Making an online workshop entails more than just filming and uploading videos online. Despite the abundance of free data present on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, and some others, customers and virtual students are prepared to spend for premium content that provides value and provides organized learning environments and community online.

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Step 1: Specify your online workshop’s ideas and objectives

Although it may appear paradoxical, one of the best ways to sell online classes and programs is to start selling them before they go live. Whenever it comes to boosting craze & steering participation and involvement for an online workshop, pre-selling is among the most impactful tricks of the trade.

You can begin by answering the following straightforward questions:

  • What subjects and equipment will be covered in your workshop?
  • Who are your intended audience and workshop participants?
  • What exactly are your components?
  • Will you be providing certificates or licensing?
  • What is your unique selling point?
  • How much will the workshop set you back?
  • When will you be able to go home?
  • What are your technical specifications and cost estimates?
  • What are your rivals’ names?

Once you answer these questions, it will aid you in having a blueprint of your plan beforehand, which will indeed help you in the creation process. 

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Step 2: Conduct market and audience research

What do your users want (and therefore are prepared to spend for) from a workshop of knowledge? What kind of material do they require? What else is out there? How can your content add value to your audience?

Even though you already have an audience and a customer base, you should make sure that there will be prolonged requirements for your workshop when you start creating content and advertising it to your customer base.

You can use the following metrics to assess consumer needs for your workshop:

  • Getting popular topics in your industry
  • User polls
  • Analysis of competitors 
  • What is already available?
  • How much do your prospective customers currently spend on relevant content and resources?

When you understand your target market, it becomes easy for you to reach out to the right audience. 

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Step 3: Create your content

The most noteworthy thing is to create your content because this is the reason why people will come to you. It is like the heart and soul of your online workshop.

The form of the workshop you’re attempting to create will influence how you construct your content. If you want to generate a mixed learning experience, you’ll most likely create a variety of content to keep your customers engaged and invested.

This could be either:

  • Live video feeds of
  • Liability waiver
  • Lessons and materials in writing.
  • Certification testing and quizzes
  • Additional and bonus material

You’ll need to pick and choose how to organize and show the content so that it continues to flow at an appropriate pace and is organized in a way that brings the greatest effect and enables preservation of the content, in addition to building the material for the workshop.

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Step 4: Workshop creation is the fourth step.

Content creation for your online workshop is only the first step. A robust online workshop requires a set of nuts and bolts on the backend, similar to a website. You will also require:

  • A mobile-friendly website.
  • This is a landing page.
  • E-commerce tools for selling and accepting payments.
  • Workshop registration and sign-up techniques
  • The ability for testing and certification.
  • Customer service and technical assistance.

Our live workshop and learning management systems offer an all-in-one solution for creating a robust, cutting-edge online workshop or course without spending a fortune or employing a whole web project development team. You concentrate on creating content, and we will assist you with the entirety.

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Step 5: Determine the pricing structure of your workshop

Determining the pricing is a difficult task. You cannot keep it too low or too high. If it’s too low, people may question its credibility and quality. If you keep it too high, people may find it pricey and a premium course.

Before pricing the workshop, do the proper market research. Once you have established your workshop, obviously you can play with the price later on, but before that, go according to the market evaluation.

To begin with, you must determine how much you will charge for the workshop. While deciding how much the workshop will cost, keep in mind the time and effort that went into developing the workshop & course components, and the significance that the workshop will provide.

However, for making the payment, you can offer the below flexibility to your consumers with multiple options, like:

  • Planned payments
  • Subscriptions
  • Payment is made only once.
  • Promotions and coupons
  • Processing of recurring payments
  • International transfers

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Step 6: Promotion of your course

Your right audience should know you exist, because of this you need to reach out to your customers through marketing. 

As previously stated, you should begin marketing & spreading awareness regarding your workshop as fast as possible to generate buzz and, if feasible, pre-sell enrollees & subscriptions.

Begin with a focused official statement to your mailing list if you have a constructed audience and current clients. If you’re new to designing and distributing online workshops, you can focus on marketing your workshop in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Paid advertisements
  • Social networking sites
  • Marketing through influencers
  • Page landings
  • Content promotion

Advertisement in industry and trade publications and websites

The actions for building an interactive workshop are not cast in concrete, and you may discover yourself functioning on multiple steps at once counting on your budget, expertise, and timeframe.

Whenever it comes to advertising and marketing, you’ll almost certainly need to try several different methods and then do some checking to see just what tends to work and where you might put more or less effort.

Analytics statistics will assist you in determining core demographic data on customers. You should also identify where your audience spends the majority of their time, as well as which social media and other online platforms are driving the most site traffic.

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Step 7: Plan a Certification Pathway

One more issue with free or low-cost online workshops is that, despite the financial savings, they have unacceptably low success rates. According to market information, the completion rate (the percentage of students who complete a course) for online free classes and workshops ranges between 5% and 15%, perhaps when they include the chance to acquire a license or certification.

Charged online workshops & lessons with a combined learning experience and far more organized content, on the other hand, have completion rates of up to 88 percent. Certifications and Licenses, concerning meeting continuing education requirements, add integrity and worth to your online workshops and courses.

Regardless of whether your workshop is part of an elite development program, skills programs, and development, or intended for personal fulfillment or to guide a new skill on an individual level, the ability to earn a certificate of completion or licensing will set your virtual workshop apart from the rival companies and retain your learners engaged and motivated to finish the course.

Similarly, a certification can help people see their real worth for themselves: if they finish the class, they will be capable of teaching the skill sets they understood to others.

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How can Graphy help to create an online workshop?

Well, Graphy, being an all-in-one platform, lets you not only create but also sell and market your online workshop. Graphy offers a load of features that will definitely add stars to your success, features like:

  • Branded website and mobile app
  • Advanced-level marketing and sales tools and features
  • Multi-layer content security
  • Rich multimedia
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Customizable landing/sales pages
  • Personalized course completion certificates for your learners
  • Integrated payment gateways and country-specific pricing.

Isn’t it amazing?

So sign up now and join Graphy just like the other 30000+ creators.

How to create an online workshop in 2022

Launch my online workshop

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