Knowing how to teach guitar online not only gives you exposure but also lets you shine globally. In this blog, you will learn every possible aspect of teaching guitar online. Let’s straight away jump into some driven facts. 

Since 2019, there has been an uptick in guitar sales, particularly due to covid19. There are no definite figures for guitarists worldwide. Although estimates put the number at over 50 million.

Honestly, knowing the fact that you can teach an unlimited number of students online, gives you a great career opportunity.

The guitarist who already uses online course platforms like Graphy can reach learners globally. They are enjoying the leverage of an online audience. According to the creators, their online guitar lessons have become more scalable.

Before diving into the blog let’s get the basics straight.

Why teach guitar online?

When you teach guitar online you have the freedom to teach wherever, whenever, and however, you want. Furthermore, the number of learners you can serve is limitless. Provided you have access to the internet connection.

teach guitar online

As a full-time artist, having this kind of power might mean the difference between survival and growth.

Now that you know why to teach, let’s understand its advantages.

Advantages of teaching guitar online

  • You have complete control over your time. Numerous self-serve guitar courses are created by many online guitar instructors. It implies students are responsible for navigating through the content on their own. It’s entirely up to you whether or not to include the guitar live teaching component.
  • The flexibility of location. When you are teaching online, you can teach from anywhere within your comfort zone. You can teach from your home, cafe, studio, etc. The point is that in virtual training you have the option to choose your desired location.
  • Monetary benefit. You save a lot of money when you teach online. You slash down a lot of fixed expenses. 

For instance, you don’t have to rent a place to teach guitar. You don’t even have to spend on transportation if you teach from home. Apart from putting money on online teaching platforms for delivering your content virtually, you cut down a lot of expenses.

  • Impactful. Let’s think about the time you used to consume while conducting the one-on-one sessions. Time-consuming right? Now imagine doing the same thing but teaching hundreds of people together. How impactful will your online teaching be going to make-just assume it?
  • The revenue potential is limitless. Do you want to know the amount you can make online by teaching guitar? With courses, your earning capacity is limited only by the number of students that enroll in your online program. Your potential to serve learners is no longer limited by the amount of time you have each week.

Many creators and guitarists have experienced all the benefits of using Graphy

There is one last thing that needs to be understood i.e. common question that keeps taking around while creating the online course:

“Why will people buy my course when there are various options available in the market?”

“When there are free sessions available, why do people need to pay me?”

“Does the world require a new guitar instructor/tutor?”

The questions are genuine and sensible. Nowadays there are many ways to learn free guitar online. 

But what makes someone buy your course will depend on the following aspects:

  • Content quality.
  • A well-defined learning path that leads to the intended outcome.
  • Motivation, community, discipline, and structure.

Now, your wait is over. Let’s get started without any further effort.

How to teach guitar online?

Finally, now let’s go through the steps one by one mentioned below to learn how to teach guitar online.

Let’s start without further ado.

Step#1: Pick on the type of course and positioning

The first important thing you should do is pick up the niche. Pick up who and what you will teach online during guitar lessons. If you initially pick up the topic, then it will help you with:

teach guitar online

For instance, decide whether you want to teach beginners, intermediate, or advanced guitarists. It is immensely important to build a specific target group and grow from there.

For your course positioning, you need to look through the following questions:

  1. Who do you see as your potential learners?
  2. Where are they residing, what are their hobbies, and who are their ideal musicians?
  3. What is your expertise and what makes you stand out from others?
  4. What are your genre and your skillset?

See if you already have a certain group of learners seeking feedback. Ask them what they are fond of in your teaching style or skill. What they enjoy the most during your guitar session. What obstacles they have encountered and you helped them overcome them.

Do seek criticism as well if they have any. See if they face any challenges during your guitar training. If they face any, try to rectify those.  

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Step#2: Build a course structure and a teaching approach

When it comes to conducting guitar lessons online, you have a few alternatives. 

Maybe your approach is different or you want to develop a self-serve online lesson. When it comes to structuring the course, you make use of several mixes of multimedia course content.

You have made use of the following mix of your course content:

  • Videos lecture
  • Podcasts
  • Live sessions
  • PDFs
  • PowerPoints, or other content types
teach guitar online

Let’s take a look at the several approaches on how you can start teaching online guitar classes:

Approach 1: Self-serving virtual guitar classes

This method entails producing and uploading the entire online course material. It allows learners to progress forward through the course at their own leisure. It focuses on not requiring any assistance from you while taking the online course.

Approach 2: A hybrid of online learning and live mentoring

Online guitar tutors frequently provide a bundle of online classes and live to tutor. This way you can keep a bond with your students while charging premium fees.

Approach 3: Virtual guitar classes membership

You can also plan to distribute subscription fees on a monthly basis. Your learners can pay monthly subscription fees in return for new content or mentorship from you every month. 

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Step#3: Acquire the tools and equipment needed for teaching online

The next step is to obtain the necessary equipment for online guitar instruction. We’ll go through a few of the most useful approaches used by guitar teachers in this section.

Online course platform

You know many guitarists use the Graphy platform to showcase their skills and build their online guitar studio. Listed below are a few reasons as to why they like it:

Graphy is an all-in-one course platform that allows you to create, market & sell your online courses under one umbrella. Right from building your website to payment gateways & in-built marketing tools, it is all taken care of by Graphy. 

  • Branded website and mobile app
  • The entire control of the site and your course lies with you
  • You can customize the landing page according to your preference.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Multilayer content security.
  • Indian and international payment gateway support
  • Region-wise currency flexibility
  • Easy to navigate UI
  • Deliver your course content on autopilot mode
  • 24*7 chat support

The other support which you require for teaching online classes are:

  • Internet connectivity
  • HD quality camera support
  • Video chat software. Graphy already holds a premium zoom classes integration. It lets you conduct live individual or group sessions.
  • Good quality microphone for recording audio.
  • Music recording software
  • Music notation software
teach guitar online

Step#4: Make your first online course and publish it.

Entering your course details on Graphy and creating a personalized landing page using the website builder is an excellent first step.

Imagine it as a sales page, and concentrate your efforts on figuring out what your value offer is. Don’t be hesitant to spread awareness about your course even before publishing it. 

Consider fingerstyle guitar as an example of how to build a course outline. Now you’ll need to figure out the following:

  1. What will be the experience level of your learners before enrolling in your course?
  2. What will be their expectations before and after the course?
  3. They’d use their skill set to help them get from point 1 to point 2.

It is imperative to have a rough course outline. It will be easy for you to understand whether you need to produce a video, create a worksheet or write certain lead sheets to increase fingerpicking strength.

Let’s go through some of the frequent elements that creators include in their course. So that the learners can have a fantastic online learning experience.

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Elements of a successful online guitar course

When we looked at some of the best guitar classes on Graphy, we saw a few things in common:

  • Engaging and interactive video classes. Each session at the best guitar classes includes extensive video instructions. To keep them engaging they often feature on-screen strumming, chord, and tablature overlays. 

Additionally, personalize your course whenever possible by creating a welcome video. Look confident and presentable personality to shine through camera.

  • Audio tracks to follow along. Guitar creator includes play-along tunes in the lessons. They allow beginners to follow along carefully and implement the method presented in the videos.
  • Assignment for students. You can ask your learners to create a sample tune as an assignment. Ask them to unload it on the Graphy portal to examine their progress.
  • Provide certificates. Post the completion of your course you can award them with guitar certificates. You can generate the certificates straight from the Graphy site. Certificates act as a motivation spirit for learners. It is also a fantastic path to increasing your course completion rate.
  • Add helpful resources. To assist your learners stay on track, include material like chord sheets, lead sheets, or even a printable practice calendar. Graphy allows you to upload PDFs and even worksheets directly. 
  • Feedback and coaching. Make a live lesson in the course builder to include live tutoring in your course. You can also turn on your rating and review toggle to receive feedback. You can even set up a live class schedule & notification ahead of time.
  • Community. Various guitar lesson websites provide members access to a private community. To keep your audience interested and connected with other learners all across the world, fostering a sense of community is critical. 

If you want to create a membership site, this is extremely critical. You may create a private space for your students to connect right on your course site using the Graphy Community tool.

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Step#5: Promote/market your online course content.

In the end, you’ll require a well-thought-out strategy for getting your audience to discover your presence and course. 

Your primary goal should be to raise awareness among your target market audience. Then automatically you will establish authority and reputation in the market. Make sure to offer continuous, consistent, and actionable value to your audience.

You may sell your online course in unlimited ways. But when it’s an art, such as playing guitar, YouTube is unrivaled. You should establish your YouTube presence if you haven’t already. It’s most likely the most popular platform for folks looking for guitar tuition. 

Other platforms are also available and useful. But think about the motive behind your agenda before stepping onto other platforms.

teach guitar online

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If you’ve made it this far, then congratulations, you have a solid roadmap for building your online course with Graphy. Start teaching guitar online from now on with Graphy.

Graphy not only lets you see a dream but also provides you the wings to fly. Build your branded website and mobile app brand with Graphy. Establish your presence with the advanced marketing and sales tool.

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