This blogs is a step-by-step guide on how to sell a professional online makeup course.

Sell online courses in 2022

The beauty and makeup industry has witnessed immense growth in the last few years. There are many people all around the world who wants to pursue their career as professional makeup artists. 

Hence, if you are a makeup artist the best way to add another stream of income is to create an online course around it and then sell it to people who want to become a pro like you!

Selling online courses will help you to earn a decent revenue over and above your regular income. Apart from the monetary benefits, you would also be recognized as a leading makeup artist. Consequently, you will have more clients and more growth opportunities in the future. 

Don’t worry if you have no idea about how you can create an online course because we have got you covered. As in this blog, we will be sharing an in-depth guide on how you can create and sell a professional online makeup course.

But, before moving forward let us explain why you need to create an online course in the first place? 

As you might be wondering now when things are getting back to normal why we are asking you to launch your online course when you can teach people offline from your studio itself, right?

So, let’s dig deeper!

Why you should sell a professional online makeup course?

how to sell a professional online makeup course.

When the lockdown was imposed everything including colleges, bakeries, and makeup studios were closed. People had to leverage modern technology instead of using the old ways of doing things. And honestly, it was not easy for them. 

The same happened with the creator economy.

Initially, many creators used to feel skeptical about teaching online and launching their online courses. But, now even when things are getting back to normal, they are not even thinking about going back to the offline mode of teaching. 

Aren’t you wondering why creators are doing so? Don’t you want to know the reason behind this 180-degree mindset shift?

Well, we know you are quite excited to know the behind story. So, let us share why this has happened. 

Creators have changed their minds because, within the timeframe of 2 years, they have reaped immense benefits of online education. They have realized that online education is the only way to scale their teaching business because: 

  • Now, they are able to teach hundreds of learners live simultaneously. Unlike their offline institutes, where they could teach a limited number of students.
  • Their revenue has also increased immensely because they have been getting consistent leads throughout the year without even going off their limits to get them. 

We hope that now, you have strong reasons to create and sell your professional online makeup course. So, let’s move ahead!

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How to sell a professional online makeup course

Choose your online course niche 

Figuring out your course niche will make your life easier as a course creator. As it will help you to find out your target audience. 

Although the makeup products that you will use will remain the same, the type of makeup that you do with them can be different. Find out what type of makeup you are interested in doing. 

Maybe you are a pro bridal makeup artist or maybe you are a pro party makeup artist or both. So, create your online course accordingly. 

For instance, if your forte is bridal makeup, launch a course on bridal makeup only or if your forte is party makeup, launch a course on party makeup only and if you can do both, create courses for both makeup types separately, and sell them as a package course

Here, the idea behind choosing your course niche first is to help you in getting a clear picture of what you can teach. Honestly, if you have a clear understanding of what you can do, you are already far ahead of your competitors. 

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Decide the course content 

Decide your online course content before getting into the creation phase. Decide how many times you are going to conduct live classes and the number of videos that you will include in your online course.

Moreover, decide the products that you would be using on the muse and share the details with your learners along with the course videos. The best way to do this is to prepare a sheet and add all the basic details of your products to it, like:

  • The brand name 
  • Product Name 
  • From where you have purchased the product. If online, share the link in the sheet 
  • The alternative product that your learner can use in case he/she couldn’t purchase the same product 

Figuring out these things in advance will result in lessening your burden. Hence, at the time of course creation, you can focus on the most important task ie, recording your course content.

Choose an online course hosting platform

The best way to sell your online course is to host it on an online course hosting platform. However, you can sell it on marketplaces like Udemy or you can also create a website on your own. 

But, if you want to teach in an organized and professional manner, we would recommend you to choose a course hosting platform like Graphy. 

how to sell a professional online makeup course.

We can help you in growing your knowledge commerce business by providing you with a fully functional learning management system along with your branded course website and mobile application. 

Hence, it will become very easy for you to teach and upscale your online teaching business. 

You could host a live class, a webinar, or put up a sample content on Graphy. You can present your course in front of your targeted audience.

Be active on social media

Your online makeup course won’t sell in isolation. You will have to make it visible to the people who would be interested in purchasing your professional online makeup course. Hence, having a robust social media marketing strategy is a prerequisite. 

Create your accounts on all the social media platforms and cross-promote your professional online makeup course. 

Mark your online presence and interact frequently with your followers. Since you would be teaching them makeup so don’t forget to share the insights of your makeup studio. Show them what it would be like to learn from someone like you. 

Whenever you have time, go live and engage with your audience on your social media platforms. The more you engage with your audience, the more will be your reach. Be consistent and share your updates regularly. 

Pro Tip: If you are starting out, we would recommend you to build your strong online presence through organic marketing instead of using paid ads in the first place.


Building your audience and selling your course online isn’t an easy task to do. If you are a newbie, you will come across many challenges. Hence, the chances of getting off the track are very high. 

But, instead of getting swayed away, face the challenges. Treat them as opportunities and always remind yourself that anything great never comes easy. No matter how much hard it seems, you will get there!

So, what are you waiting for?

Create your professional online makeup course on Graphy!