In this blog, we’ll learn how to pre-sell an online course and earn money even before your online course is complete.

Are you all set to launch your course into the world out there? If yes, have you considered pre-selling your course? Today more and more educators are using it as a selling tactic and the conversion rate it presents is quite attractive. 

Pre-selling a course has not one but several benefits, all equally important. It is a way of introducing your course to the target market and figuring out if your course would do well without actually taking the risk of launching it. Some might call it testing the waters before you dive in. 

Here, the first question is why pre-sell an online course? 

  • You get to know how interested your target audience is in your course. 
  • Build a community of loyal customers who can then vouch for your course. 
  • Gather valuable feedback based on their interest and modify your course accordingly. 
  • Be fully prepared when you launch your course out there in the world. 

Now that you know what all pre-selling could do for your course, next, comes the question: how to pre-sell an online course? 

With our experts at Graphy, a trusted platform to create, sell and market courses, learn how to pre-sell an online course and take your first step towards monetizing your knowledge. 

How to pre-sell an online course in 2022

A guide to pre-sell an online course

Pre-selling an online course won’t be a cakewalk, but with the right steps, you can ensure that your course reaches your target audience and that too in a guise that strikes their interest and curiosity. And today we are here to help you proceed in the right direction and avail of everything that could help you pre-sell your online course. 

Let’s dive into our guide without any further adieu. 

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Create a video overview of your course

Before anything, pre-selling an online course is about introducing your course to your target audience. And what is a better way to do that than creating a video overview of your course? Through a video, you can bring together everything that you believe to be your course’s USP and present them in an interesting manner. 

A video outline would serve not one but several ends. 

  • It will help you introduce both your course and yourself as an educator. 
  • You can give a glimpse into the outline of the course. 
  • Captivate the interest of potential students with your presentation skills.
  • By including interesting insights you can strike the curiosity of your students.

Once this video reaches your potential students, it will be easy for them to make up their minds regarding whether to enrol on your course or not. So, make sure to put your creative hat and your best foot forward while creating the video overview. 

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How to create a video overview of your course? 

  • Create an outline covering all the information that you wish to share with your audience. This could start with a basic self-introduction, your interest, and experience in the field, what end the course aim to serve, the teaching methodology, and anything else that your students would want to know. 
  • Turn this into a script. Don’t just read the lines but present them in a way that showcases your skills as an orator/teacher. 
  • Set up your camera, microphone, lighting, and background, and ensure the creation of a professional video. Here, the quality of your video does matter because you are selling an online course and videos will be your mode of operation. 
  • It’s time to record. 

Once you are done creating a video overview, the next step is to take it to your target audience. How do you do that? The easiest way would be to target YouTube, a video-sharing platform accessed by over 2.3 billion users. And it is one of those places that students often visit for video lessons and tutorials. 

You can complement the course overview with a few short tutorial videos or lessons and through it direct your target audience towards your course. 

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 Be prepared with a unique marketing campaign

In the online world, for your product to stand out, you need a strong and foolproof marketing campaign in place. And it’s the same story when it comes to an online course.

So, the next in our guide on how to pre-sell an online course is coming up with a unique marketing campaign for your course and using it to drive the desired traffic towards your course. No matter how well built your course is, without the right marketing strategy, it cannot reach its target audience. Knowing this, our marketing experts at Graphy offer complete guidance on how to use several marketing tools to pre-sell your online course.

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Launch an email campaign 

Today, email campaigns are more effective than ever because it is the easiest way to reach your target audience. But you need to be cautious when launching email campaigns. The key is to not overdo it and spam your audience but send one powerful email that will introduce your course in the best possible manner. 

  • The tonality of your email should be such that it seems like you are directly addressing the recipient and not a larger audience. 
  • Include a call-for-action button inviting them to sign up for your course. The intent behind your mail should never be unclear. 
  • Make sure that your email is informative and includes the basic outline of your course. 
  • Add a feedback form to show that their reviews are much appreciated. 

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Introduce your course on social media

Today, over 4.62 billion people use social media, and therefore the probability of your target audience is among this number is quite high. So, a marketing campaign that targets social media is of utmost significance when it comes to pre-selling your online course. Here, you can target Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Twitter to spread the word about your course. 

  • If you already have a social media page, you can launch several posts and stories sharing insights about your course. In each of them, make sure to add a link to your course where they can sign up. 
  • The video overview that you created can also be launched on all these platforms. 
  • Conduct live sessions and give your target audience a first-hand experience of your course. 
  • You can connect with influencers and have them advertise your course. 

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 Create a landing page for your pre-sales

A landing page is where you can collectively showcase all information about your course. All the campaigns that you launch for your course including the ones on email and social media can include a link that would connect all the interested candidates to the pre-sales landing page. Here, they can access all the information related to the course. 

From the video overview that you created, your self-introduction, course outline, valid offers, enrollment period, all information can be brought together on your landing page. 

Also, when you create a pre-sale landing page, whenever someone conducts a search using a keyword relevant to your course, this page might pop up and attract more interested students to your course. So, it can enhance the visibility of your course and help you pre-sell your online course.  

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What should a pre-sale landing page include? 

  • A headline that presents the USP of your course.
  • Must include a brief but informative outline of your course. 
  • A call-to-action button.
  • Self-introduction
  • Feedback or reviews from other courses
  • Offers open to pre-enrollers.

 Attract students with early-bird offers

We all as customers love special offers, don’t we? And every time we come across such an offer, it takes our desire to avail of it to the next level. As an educator all set to pre-sell their online course, you should make use of this basic human psychology. 

Through these offers, convince your target audience that by participating in early sales they will be able to avail of the best at the most affordable prices. This could help vouch for your course to that population, which is interested in your course but couldn’t enrol for it because of financial constraints or just to anyone who keeps an eye open for such offers. 

  • You can offer discounted rates to all pre-enrollers. 
  • A free introductory session could also be an attractive offer.
  • Consider offering a special certificate for pre-enrollers. 

You can give out such offers but make sure that they have a strict deadline and you abide by it. 

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Pre-sell your online course with Graphy

Preselling an online course could be a tiring and overwhelming process but with expert guidance, you can sail through it easily. And this is where Graphy comes into the picture. We offer all aspiring educators a credible platform where they could launch, sell and market their courses. 

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