In this blog, we will discuss how you can integrate third-party tools into your online course platform to sell courses online effectively.

Most likely, while searching for teaching online platforms, you must have come across integrations.

Integrations are crucial to staying competitive in the crowded ecosystem of SaaS today.  At some point, you have probably wished for your course platform to offer integration with third-party reporting tools.

In order to carry out a larger set of functions on your course website, you can integrate third-party tools. For instance, bulk uploads, data analysis, monitoring learners’ performance, and more.

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Some third-party integrations need no technical expertise. However, others may need a little programming knowledge.

The sustainability of your course depends on the integrations you choose or don’t choose. Thus, it’s vital to understand how to integrate third-party tools into your course platform.

Keep reading as we walk you through how to integrate the different types of integrations available using Graphy.

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How to integrate different third-party tools

Various tools offer varying functionalities. Keep reading to make your LMS experience powerful. 

API (Application programming interface)

API is the channel between two applications that allows interaction with data in an LMS.

Suppose you have built two different language courses. An API like Google Translate between them can simplify it for your learners.

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Long and time-consuming manual processes can be automated with the help of an API. For instance, bulk file uploads, reporting, etc.

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API integration to get data from your Graphy course platform

If you’re on the advanced plan on Graphy, you can access the Merchant Id (MID) and API token (key)

Integrate third party tools\n

Step 1: Log in to your Graphy course platform

Step 2: Navigate to the menu bar and select Integration > APIs


The importance of integrating a CRM tool into your course platform cannot be overstated. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps in tracking, analyzing, and managing learners’ data.

Using a CRM integration to build better relationships with your learners, you can also:

  • Synchronize customers’ accounts
  • Identify opportunities for future growth
  • Get order information as someone makes a purchase.
  • View customer contact information and records

Best online course platform


Choose Graphy’s all-in-one platform to never lose sight of your potential customers. 

It is one of the best online learning platforms that let you avail of all of the above-stated benefits and more.

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An eCommerce API integration is essential if you sell high volumes of courses online.

It helps you to sell and deliver your courses online. And also ensures the protection of your data with encryption.

Without eCommerce API integration, a learner may be hesitant to buy your course. They may also not buy your course at all to avoid paying extra fees to external financial services.

eCommerce integration from your Graphy course platform

Without making any changes to the original system, integrate third-party tools like MailChimp into Graphy.

  • Manage contacts
  • Send newsletters, reminder emails, announcement emails, and more.
  • Create promising marketing campaigns
  • Get detailed insights from your marketing efforts.

Integrate secure payment gateways like Stripe, Rarozpay, PayPal, etc., for a seamless transaction process.

Integrate third party tools\n\n


Single sign-on (SSO) saves time and the hassle of managing many passwords. It enables users to access authentication across platforms with the same login credentials. Many businesses already use products like Google Drive, Calendar, and Gmail.

Integrate SSO in your LMS to avoid password fatigue and choose a hackable password.

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Use Graphy to add login, logout, and sign-up support

Enter the existing URLs of your login, log-out, and sign-up page on Graphy. Find the options under Integrations > Third Party > Single Sign-On. 

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Analytics integration

Whether your content creation platform has built-in reporting tools or not, leverage analytics integrations to gain insight on:

  • How do your learners interact with your online course?
  • How they are performing, i.e how much time they spend on a certain activity,
  • Get detailed insights on learners’ behavior to understand how they may perform in the future.
  • Identify both popular and underperforming courses
  • Measure ROI for each course, and more

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On Graphy, you can navigate to Integrations > Third Party > Google to integrate Analytics.

Integrate third party tools

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Webinar integrations

Webinar integrations in an LMS are one of the easiest integrations to set up. Use it to schedule sessions, registration, and attendance reporting for your online course.

Integrate third-party tools like Zoom’s sophisticated video conferencing software using Graphy. Integrate Zoom into your online course platform. Head to Integrations > Third Party > Zoom

  • Ensure a proper learning atmosphere.
  • Conduct cost-effective live or pre-recorded classes online.
  • Carry out instructor-led sessions
  • Deliver real-time time knowledge
  • Receive immediate feedback from your learners.
  • Discuss ideas, and doubts, with your learners.
  • Offer tips via different messaging tools.
Integrate third party tools

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Integrate different third-party tools with Graphy

There are a total of 15 third-party integration tools on Graphy. You can access all the tools on Graphy to make your course platform more powerful by:

  • Log in to Graphy.
  • On the left sidebar, click “Integration.”
  • Click on “Third Party”
Integrate third party tools

Third-party integrations at Graphy

  • Google Analytics: View audiences, acquisition, and behavior data with a single click.
  • Segment: Collect and send data to OneSignal to create more effective marketing campaigns.
  • Pickrr: Move a product to the final destination using a virtual logistic platform.
  • Facebook: Understand the traffic driven by your Facebook activity. Get actionable insights to increase Facebook ROI and optimize marketing efforts.
  • Vimeo: Integrate Vimeo to insert interesting and engaging videos on your course platform.
  • SproutVideo: Upload videos in any format to increase the effectiveness of your online course platform.
  • Zapier: Use Zapier to automate workflows by connecting apps and the services you use.
  • Pabbly Connect: Create complex workflows with “If/Else” conditional triggers and filters. Additionally, you can also define comparison functions as and when required.
  • Google Tag Manager: Manage and deploy marketing tags without modifying the code.
  • Whatsapp Widget: Remain in contact with your potential learners even after they leave.
  • Fomo: Integrate third-party tools like Fomo to create customizable web push notifications.
  • Zoom: Run online sessions and stay connected with your learners no matter what.
  • Zoho CRM: Create and update leads or contacts, attach file uploads to records, and more.
  • Email Integrations: Send newsletters, and emails about sessions, webinars, digital products, and more.
  • OTP providers: Use MSG91, SMSPrima, Fast2SMS, etc. to verify learners’ information via OTP.

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With 40,000+ successful creators on board, Graphy is the best LMS for selling online courses. It is designed with the future of your business in mind.

Integrate third party tools

Using Graphy you can,

  • Integrate with any third-party tool
  • Get access to create unlimited courses
  • Customize the checkout pages
  • Offer irresistible discount coupons, promo codes
  • Enable multiple payment options
  • Create multiple choice quiz assessments
  • Create single or multiple answers quizzes, fill in the blanks, match the following, and more.
  • Import questions in bulk from word or excel files
  • Conduct subjective exams and assignments
  • Apply country-specific pricing
  • Launch lead magnets like ebooks and podcasts
  • Launch your membership site, and more

We enable creators with integrations and functionalities that are the right fit for them.

Our customer support team is available 24/7 to ensure each of Graphy’s features functions to achieve your online teaching goals.

Book a demo with our team to learn more about Graphy’s integrations in action.