21 days nationwide lockdown is over only to extend it further to 2 more weeks. If the trends are to believe, our lives won’t go back to normal for at least months to come. This is a difficult time of the year 2020. It’s better to stay home & stay safe. While some of us doing work from home without losing our income, some are struggling to retain theirs. One of them is teachers who run offline coaching centers. The whole education industry has got affected due to it. However, most of them have bounced back while finding a way to digitise their classes. Teaching during the nationwide lockdown is imperative to both students as well as teachers.

Teaching online during the nationwide lockdown

Graphy is an online course platform that helps offline coaching centres to set up their online course platform within 10 minutes.

Major features provided by Graphy:

  1. Multimedia Course Content
  2. Online Live Classes
  3. Branded mobile Apps


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Everything you need to know about launching online classes:

1. Choosing an online course platform

Know what to look for while choosing a course platform.

Or, know how to create sell online classes in 5 simple steps.

2. Creating your online course content

Create video lectures

Create Quizzes.

Create your course content step by step.

3. Pricing your Online Course

4. Launch your online Live Classes

Why bloggers, YouTubers & Instagram influencers are creating online courses.