In this blog, you will learn how to craft the best Instagram bio to position yourself right and capture your audience.

Monetize my Instagram audience

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression! Isn’t it something that we all have heard while growing up? 

No matter whether you are going for an interview or a coffee date, you always try to seize the attention of the person you are going to meet, right?  

The same goes for your Instagram bio!

Just imagine a potential customer visiting your Instagram page and without even visiting your website, clicking on the follow button, or looking at your posts, they immediately left your Instagram page. 

Wouldn’t you feel bad about it? Wouldn’t you want them to check out your website, book a consultation call or at least click on that follow button? 

You will, right? And honestly, it is not wrong to think like that.  

Because you have created your Instagram account for educating your audience, building authentic relations with them, and generating leads for your online teaching business

Hence, if you don’t want to get stuck with such kinds of issues, the best solution for you is to craft a breath-taking Instagram bio for your business. And when we say breath-taking, we mean that it should be something that your visitors couldn’t resist themselves from following your Instagram page. 

Don’t worry, if you have no idea about how can craft the best Instagram bio because that’s exactly what we are going to tell you in this blog. 

But, before understanding how you can craft the best Instagram bio, let’s understand what’s the purpose of creating an Instagram page for your online coaching business

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Why should you create an Instagram account for your online teaching business? 

Many creators don’t understand the power of Instagram. They believe that it’s all about blogging and creating reels for entertainment purposes. But, to be honest, Instagram is a very powerful tool when it comes to generating leads for your business. 

We are not saying this without any context because we have seen many #GraphySuperCoaches growing and scaling their knowledge-commerce businesses through Instagram only. That too without spending tons of money on paid advertising. 

And if you are still not leveraging one of the most powerful social media tools ie, Instagram, you are missing out on many high-quality leads. Hence, without any further delay create an Instagram business account for your online coaching business. 

Monetize my Instagram audience

Got Your Content Ready? GRAPHY is all you need to get started!

3 Reasons to create an Instagram account for your business

1) Create Awareness: Instagram allows you to tell people about your business. This is something that you should include in your Instagram bio. Tell people what you do and how can help them. Thus, create awareness!

2) Educating your audience: Another reason why you should be on Instagram is that it helps you to educate your audience. For instance, if you are a fitness instructor, you can educate your audience about how they can maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

3) Generate high-quality leads: When people know about your brand and have consumed your free content, they won’t hesitate to purchase your paid courses. In this way, Instagram helps creators in generating high-quality consistent leads for their businesses. 

Monetize my Instagram audience

Got Your Content Ready? GRAPHY is all you need to get started!

Tips to craft the best Instagram bio 

One mistake that many people do is they put either their picture or something random instead of putting their brand logo in the image section. This is not just the case with Instagram, we have observed this on other platforms as well. 

But the fact is that when you are building your brand, you should always and always use your logo. Giving a logo to your brand is the best way to create awareness. Because when anyone will visit your Instagram (in fact even before visiting your Instagram page) the first thing that they will notice is your brand’s logo. And subconsciously your logo will get saved in their memory. 

So, if they again come across your logo either on Instagram or any other social media platform, they would be able to recognize that it’s your brand. Hence, make sure that you are including your logo in your Instagram bio. 

Monetize my Instagram audience

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Optimize your name for the search query 

On Instagram, people will search for you either by typing in your name or your username. And since it’s going to be your online institute’s Instagram account, your searchers will type in the exact name of your institute. 

Therefore, while creating your Instagram account make sure that your name is in alignment with your username. 

Let’s take our example, on Instagram, our username is @Graphyapp and our name is Graphy by Unacademy. Now, you can see that both of these terms are very similar. Hence, if someone types Graphy in the search bar, we automatically appear in the search list. This is exactly what you need to do. 

Monetize my Instagram audience

Got Your Content Ready? GRAPHY is all you need to get started!

Tell people about yourself 

Be very specific when it comes to writing your Instagram bio. 

Instagram gives you 150 words to tell people about what you do and how you can help them. So, make sure that you use these 150 words in the most creative way. Think about your brand’s mission statement and sum it up in a very precise manner. 

Most importantly, be careful with your tone. For instance, if you are a comedian and you teach people how they can become a standup comedians. Your Instagram bio should reflect your sense of humor. On the other hand, if you are a chef and teach recipes, your Instagram bio should tell people about how passionate you are about cooking. 

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Think like a search engine 

Everyone does not know about what you do. So, to attract new potential learners for your online teaching business, you have to think like a search engine. 

For doing this you need to think like a visitor. For example, if you want to learn Facebook ads, you either type ‘Facebook Ads Coach or Facebook Ads Expert’ in the search bar. Then only people who teach Facebook ads will start appearing in the search results. 

That’s exactly what you need to do. Include niche-specific keywords to craft the best Instagram bio. 

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You won’t believe but, but if you give a link to your website on your Instagram account, it will help you in driving organic traffic to your website. 

If you write your bio according to the tips that we have mentioned above, people will love it, and honestly, they will definitely visit your website to check out your digital products. Hence, make sure you include your online course website in your bio. 

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To sum it up: 

Instagram is an amazing tool for building your brand, generating leads, and attracting organic traffic to your website. Follow the tips that we have shared in this blog, to craft the best Instagram bio for your online institute’s Instagram account. 

Moreover, to give the best learning experience to your learners, we would recommend you to host your online courses on an all-in-one course hosting platform like Graphy. Because on Graphy you can create rich multimedia digital courses and can sell them to a global audience.

Tips to craft the best Instagram bio

Monetize my Instagram audience

Got Your Content Ready? GRAPHY is all you need to get started!