In this blog, we will compare “Certificates by Graphy”—an all-in-one certificate builder and sender tool—with “Canva,” a popular designing tool. We’ll also recommend which tools are worth adding to your tech stack.

Apart from the learning, do you know the biggest motivation for completing an online course? 

We know, thousands of thoughts would be running through your mind, and a lot of them would be correct. But, when we talk about the biggest motivation apart from the learning, it definitely has to be the “certificates” that learners are rewarded with after completing the course. 

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People feel amazing when they talk about their achievements or certificates, either in their social circle or on their social media profiles like LinkedIn. 

Moreover, on average, the online course competition rate is quite low, approximately 13%. But, some engagement tools along with the course completion certificates have helped creators improve their course completion rates. 

So, now you know how important these course completion certificates are. And on that note, we will be comparing two platforms in this blog, i.e., Canva, a popular graphic design tool for non-designers, with Graphy, an all-in-one online course hosting platform for creators to grow and scale their online teaching businesses. 

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Certificates by Graphy vs Canva Certificates

Easy-to-use certificate builder 

A certificate builder should be simple, uncomplicated, and easy to use. Since you are a creator and will have thousands of tasks on your plate, you cannot afford to spend too much time creating certificates. 

On Canva, you can easily customize or design certificates for your online courses. It offers hundreds of pre-designed templates that you can customize easily. The only downside is that you can use only a limited number of templates if you are using its free version. However, if you are a paid user, you can customize any of the templates. 

Certificates by Graphy

On the other hand, Certificates by Graphy is a free tool that allows you to create beautiful certificates within seconds. You can easily customize the predesigned templates and create: 

  • Even participation certificates
  • Course completion certificates
  • Achievement certificates 
Certificates by Graphy

To create certificates for your learners, all you have to do is fill in the details mentioned below – 

  • Learner’s name 
  • Issued by 
  • Course name 
  • Date of issue 
  • Your signature 
  • Logo
  • Your institute’s LinkedIn account’s ID
Certificates by Graphy

Once you fill in the details, your certificate will be ready. 

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Bottom Line: Both, Graphy and Canva allow their users to create beautiful certificates through their pre-designed templates. However, if we look at the ease and the price, Graphy would be on the winning side. 

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Sending certificates in bulk to multiple recipients

As we have mentioned above, as a creator, you will have thousands of tasks piled up on your to-do list. Hence, you will always have to prioritize your more important tasks over the less important ones. 

Creating certificates for your learners is very important, but you don’t have to invest your time again and again in creating certificates and then sending them manually to all the learners, right?

This is exactly where Certificates by Graphy can help you!

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The best part about Certificates by Graphy is that you can send an “n” number of certificates to multiple recipients at a time. In short, no matter how many learners you have on that list, you can easily send certificates in bulk to all of your learners with just a single click. 

Some advanced features of Certificates by Graphy

  • Automated data distribution,
  • Certificate personalization,
  • Automatic certificate export to PDF,
  • Sending certificates in bulk to multiple recipients.
Certificates by Graphy

For sending certificates in bulk, all you need to do is upload a CSV file including the names and email addresses of all the recipients and click on the “save and preview” button. Within seconds, you will be redirected to another page. Here, click on the ‘send certificates’ button. That’s it! 

Don’t you think that this feature could help you save a lot of time? (We know, you are nodding your head). 

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On the other hand, Canva doesn’t have this feature. With Canva, you can not personalize the certificates and send them to multiple recipients in bulk. Therefore, if you choose Canva, you will miss all the advanced features that Certificates by Graphy provides. 

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Bottom Line: If you have a long list of recipients and want to save your time by sending automated certificates to them, you should choose Certificates by Graphy. But, if you have a few learners enrolled in your online course, you can choose Canva as well. 

LinkedIn integration 

When we talk about the professional community, LinkedIn is the platform that comes to our mind. And as we know, everyone loves to share their achievements and certificates on their LinkedIn profiles. 

Hence, as a creator, you should keep this urge to share the certificates of your learners in mind while choosing a certificate builder platform

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With Certificates by Graphy, you can easily send LinkedIn integrated certificates to your learners. A Linkedin-integrated certificate means that learners can directly add the certificates to their Linkedin profiles by just clicking on the ‘Add to profile’ button in the mail itself. 

Certificates by Graphy

All the details related to the certificate, like name, issuing organization, issue date, credential ID, credential URL, etc., would be filled in automatically.

On the other hand, Canva certificates don’t have this feature. Hence, if you send Canva certificates to your learners, they will have to enter all the details manually on LinkedIn to add their certificate.

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Bottom Line: Shared certificates by learners on their LinkedIn profiles will help you in promoting your online institute. And Certificates by Graphy is a tool that motivates learners to share their certificates on LinkedIn as soon as they get them. Hence, we can say that, once again, Certificates by Graphy is on the winning side. 

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Certificate link 

You would never want any random person to copy the design of your certificate and then use it for their benefit by adding their name and details, right? 

Hence, choose a certificate builder platform that assigns a unique link to every certificate to ensure the credibility of your online coaching institute. This unique link will symbolize the authenticity of the certificate. In short, any employer can easily understand whether the certificate is authentic or not by merely clicking on the link. 

Certificates by Graphy assign a unique link to every certificate that you create on it. This will help you protect your brand image because only your learners will get this link. Therefore, if anyone tries to imitate your certificate and use it in their resume or LinkedIn profile, the employer will easily figure out that it has not been provided by you. 

Certificates by Graphy

On the other hand, Canva doesn’t provide this feature. Since Canva certificates don’t have a unique link, their authenticity can not be judged. This means, that if someone is good at designing, they can create similar certificates and use them for their benefit. 

Bottom Line: When it comes to authenticity, we can confidently say that Certificates by Graphy is on the winning side. 

Certificates by Graphy vs Canva Certificates: Final word

Both the platforms, Certificates by Graphy and Canva, give you the best output according to their capabilities. But, if you are looking for an all-in-one certificate builder platform, hands down, Certificates by Graphy is the solution for you. 

As it equips you with all the features that will help you maintain the authenticity of your certificates. Not only this, but you will also be able to share certificates in bulk to multiple recipients in a single go. 

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Moreover, it will also provide ease to your learners as they can directly share their certificates on their LinkedIn profiles through the mail itself. Hence, to create beautiful and genuine certificates for your learners, sign up on Certificates by Graphy today!

Certificates by Graphy