Are you looking for the best online teaching platform?

Don’t worry, you are not alone in it. Right now thousands of creators are searching for the same.

The conventional method of teaching is being upgraded to the online modernistic method. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, online teaching has got a new vision.

An online teaching platform is a great way of anchoring your skills and earning a handsome amount of money. In this blog, you will learn about a few online teaching platforms available. Creators should investigate these platforms and all of their benefits.

But first, let’s understand the advantages of online teaching platforms.

Advantages of online teaching platforms

  • Varieties of teaching methods are available online by using digital tools. For instance, live tests, live quizzes, interactive videos, etc.
  • Online teaching platforms are more economical. Lots of fixed expenses get slashed. 
  • All the online activities are trackable and reportable. 
  • Customization is also available for the students. For instance, a teacher can personalize classes for a group or individual learners with similar interests.
  • Classes can be conducted with more ease and comfort.
  • From different locations, people can pursue their dream courses.

Top 5 Online Teaching Platforms

Here is the list of some online teaching platforms where you can plan to host your content:


Thinkific is an online course platform that is easy to use. You can perform a lot of activities together on it, like, conducting live lessons and quizzes, and a course completion certificate. Though live lessons from zoom are present in higher plans. Tracking learners’ performance is also one of their highlights. Marketing and selling the course to the target audience is one of their uniqueness. 

Thinkific is easy to create a platform with different kinds of tools. It also integrates third-party tools and sites. However, it holds cons as well. Thinkific doesn’t offer a branded mobile app. It also doesn’t have country-specific pricing. Payment options are also restricted.

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Teachable is an online course creation and selling platform. It assists you in creating and launching course content using various media, customizing, and branding your courses. For instance logo, color, style, design, etc. The platform almost handles everything. It also provides you statistics such as learners’ metrics and course income.

However, the platform has the drawback of not holding multiple payment gateways and country-specific pricing. Teachable reserves the right of branding on mobile apps. The biggest disadvantage of teachable is that it doesn’t support zoom integration.

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Another online teaching platform is Podia. This platform provides you with numerous opportunities to earn money. Podia allows you to commercialize e-books, pdfs, audiobooks, and other types of content. Podia allows you to engage students through webinars and memberships. 

You can create as much stuff for teaching as you desire, including videos, quizzes, texts, and many more. This website allows you to start the platform for free. 

The biggest con of podia is it doesn’t have any device limit. So, there are high chances of it being misused. It doesn’t also provide branded mobile apps. Podia doesn’t have multilayer content security, which makes the platform unsecured. 

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What makes LearnWorld attractive is its interactive tool, e-book creator, and networking opportunity for learners. It has a country-specific good,country-specific command of content authority, marketing tools, and has a gamified approach. On the other hand, you can even personalize the domain authority. 

The only drawback is that it doesn’t host and record the live classes. Third-party integration is required in case you plan to conduct a live session. From a security point of view, the content can easily be copied by anyone. Multiple layers of content security are a mission.

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Graphy is the all-in-one course platform that offers your own website and mobile app. In order to build your online teaching empire, Graphy offers:

  1. Branded website and mobile app
  2. Multi-layer content security
  3. A fully working learning management system (LMS)
  4. Incorporation of payment gateway with different currency options and country-specific pricing.
  5. Full customized website designs and templates
  6. Incorporation of advanced marketing and sales tools.
  7. Dedicated account manager and a smooth onboarding procedure

Hence, if you talk about the best platform then it’s safe to say that Graphy is the one. It offers almost every asked tool and feature. Even if you don’t know how to code, Graphy made it possible to have a website without any technical knowledge.

Online teaching platform Top Creators Use Graphy – Join ThemTop Creators Use Graphy – Join Them