Every kind of evolution look for alternatives which are better and convenient than the present version of it. The same goes for teaching. The teaching industry has logically transformed itself and created an alternative to traditional classroom teaching. Virtual classrooms or online live classes are emerging as a far better means of learning. This article highlights the advantages of using Online Live Class Platforms like Graphy for learners as well as teachers.

Virtual training software consists of a set of complex tech features which help teachers create a virtual learning environment for their online learners. Online education has been a blessing to the learning industry. Especially in a time of pandemics like now, teachers, as well as students, can continue to educate.

LMS like Graphy provides everything in one online space where tutors and students come together for rewarding lessons. You can create your branded online course platform and conduct live classes with your students as and when you want. The best LMS platforms are responsible to create a user-friendly and convenient solution in the form of online course websites as well as mobile apps.

The range of online live class features provided by top LMS has made it possible to both learners as well as teachers to unleash the full potential of online learning.


Virtual Classroom training helps us to explore our abilities by giving us more ways to learn. Educators can reach out to students globally, beyond their four walls. On the other hand, students can learn online without any time constraints.

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Benefits of Online Live Class Platform for the learners

Let’s begin with the obvious ones first, – the ones that are measurable:


Whether you want to learn something after coming from the office, returning from college, during breaks or early in the morning, no one is stopping you. You can not just utilize your unproductive traffic hours but can actually learn a subject or skill to get a little further ahead on your knowledge.

Time spent unproductive, or classes missed due to some other commitments are annoying. With virtual classrooms, learners don’t have to face those situations anymore. You are the master of your time. You decide when you want to utilize it.

Low cost

Online classes are comparatively more affordable than traditional classroom coaching. It’s because the educators render huge costs, which you pay in return. In the virtual classroom, you can buy affordable courses as well as make your conveyance expenses zero. It makes so much more sense.

Eliminate unnecessary travel

As already mentioned in the last point, online live classes eliminate the time as well as money consumed due to traveling. It’s not only exhausting mentally but difficult when you have other full-time commitments. Many competitive exams aspirants prepare online for their exams when they have a full-time job/education to cater to.

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Replica of traditional classroom

Virtual classrooms are the modern replica of traditional physical classroom coaching. You have a digital whiteboard where teachers teach, raise your hand (virtually) when you do have doubt as well as participate in a poll. You can discuss your assignments as well as your doubts.

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Your schedule is your “friend”

You might be thinking by now, what if I miss a live online class session? Well worry not, Graphy has got your back. Despite keeping a strict live class schedule, teachers can “record live classes” and then make it available for the learners online.

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Comprehensive Benefits of Online Live Class Platform

  1. The virtual classroom setup of Graphy is exactly like the traditional classroom coaching setup. Teachers can communicate with their students in real-time. Your student might be sitting 1000 km away from you, but you can reach out to them without any obstacle.
  2. If you have always wanted to organize a special class, but faltered because of no means of reaching out. Online live class platform like Graphy solves that problem for you. You can launch your branded live class platform within the snap of your fingers and reach out to the global audience.
  1. The virtual classroom set up will broaden your mindset it will also allow you to network like-minded educators. You can connect to these people from all over the world, coming from different walks of life. That is the beauty of e-learning industry.

If you haven’t tried the virtual classroom as of yet, you must. It would help you discover endless possibilities that are present out there.

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  1. Being institutions, the top priority for them is to offer the highest quality education to their students. Imagine introducing a language class with a foreign teacher. Wouldn’t it arouse the interest of the class?
  2. If you are running an online institution which focuses on personality development or skillset improvement, you are catering to the audience who are already busy in the lives. Virtual classrooms help you help them in a way nothing else would.

Education is one powerful resource that can help educators, as well as learners, achieve their individual goals. We are a society of consumers who crave for something “more”. The E-learning industry helps this “society” of billions of people to get an education in the most convenient way possible. There are various solutions present out there which can help you launch your online classes. You must analyze and choose the one most suitable for you and your learners.

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