In this guide, we’ll cover in-depth the better Alternative To Thinkific In India. Graphy is a Made In India platform which is being used by top-notch Indian course creators. It is on the mission to help educators launch a Secured, Scalable & Affordable online course platform.

Gone are the days when education would require you to get out of your house, spend hours on travel & enter the four walls of a classroom. Technology today has revolutionized how education is done today. Especially in 2020, when the pandemic hit, creators all around the globe whether offline or online had to find their way to build & scale digital businesses. These digital platforms like Graphy & Thinkific are making mankind’s work uncomplicated & convenient.

Both of these platforms are cloud-based and help you create, market & launch your branded course platforms globally. However, there are intricacies which make these platforms different from one other. We’ll take into account the nitty-gritty of these platforms & understand which is a better choice for you in 2021.

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Alternative To Thinkific In India: Graphy


Graphy is a Made In India platform which came into existence in 2018. It is a comprehensive course platform that has all the required features that you wish existed on your course platform. It has a branded course website, mobile apps, drag & drop online course builder, drip course feature, coupon code, in-built online live classes & much more. You can even create your membership sites using Graphy. The most loved features are Indian Payment Gateway, Branded Apps & Fabulous Customer Support.


Thinkific is a comprehensive LMS (Learning Management System) platform that lets you build, sell, and deliver online education programs. You can sell your courses, host a membership site, create quizzes & surveys, drip content & much more. There are a few features that Thinkific doesn’t offer at all. There are some features that are exclusive to the highest plans only, unlike Graphy.

In a Nutshell

Honestly, I think Graphy is pretty great!

Precisely, Graphy is THE Best Alternative To Thinkific In India. And, if you keep reading, you would believe in me too!

Graphy is an affordable online course platform that provides a secured & scalable platform to course creators & educators. It has got some amazing features which are missing in Thinkific. If the battle is between Graphy Vs Thinkific & you want to choose what’s best for you, I suggest you go through the whole comparison & decide for yourself!

Read on!

Graphy Vs Thinkific Pricing

No matter what business you are in, you want to choose a platform that gives the best ROI on your money invested. With the same amount spent, you would want to choose a platform that has more features, flexibility & security.


The BASIC plan of Thinkific starts with $49 monthly which has just some basic features. It goes up to $499 monthly on its highest plan.

Graphy Pricing

The Basic plan of Graphy starts with Rs. 3,000 monthly which has just all the advanced features except the mobile apps. Its highest plan goes up to just Rs. 18,000 a month.

This means that you are saving around Rs. 1,20,000 yearly when you choose Graphy over Thikific!

But wait! That’s not all.

We’ll find out how Thinkific will increase your cost to upto Rs. 2,00,000 a year!

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Indian Payment Gateway

Graphy provides the support of all the major Indian Payment Gateways including Instamojo, Razorpay, PayU, Paytm & much more. This is along with the Paypal integration. If you are an Indian creator or if the majority of the audience is from India, Indian Payment Gateway is a must for you.

On the other hand, Thikific doesn’t provide the integration of the Indian Payment Gateway.

And this could cost you lakhs in revenue & loss in sales.

Alternative To Thinkific In India is GRAPHY & this is by far the best feature that would make you say that!

Let me elaborate it for you!

Here are the downsides of choosing Paypal over the Indian Payment Gateway.

  • UPI payments aren’t supported in Paypal. 

We Indians thrive on UPI payments. It is quite convenient & easy to use. We literally don’t have to open our wallets and enter our card information. When you choose Paypal, learners can’t pay through UPI. That means you miss out on a huge potential of sales here.

  • Paypal won’t auto-assign the courses.

Once a learner has made the payment, you have to assign the course to them immediately. If you are using Graphy & have an Indian payment gateway integration, the course credentials will be immediately assigned to learners when they sign up. However, that’s not the case with Paypal. This brings me to the next point.  

  • There will be an additional cost of automation tools like Zapier.

In order to do the whole automation process of assigning courses to learners, you would need an integration of Zapier. However such is not the case with Indian Payment Gateway.

In-Built Live Class

Because of the flexibility of online learning, many educators & online institutes provide full-fledged live classes. As a matter of fact, course creators have started to couple up pre-recorded online lectures with live ones.

Thinkific provides Zoom integration for conducting live classes. If you want to use any third-party tool other than Zoom, Thinkific supports that too. However, it doesn’t have the support of in-built live. That means, your costing increases & convenience decreases.

Graphy, Alternative To Thinkific In India, offers both. It has the support of in-built live classes, as well as, third-party integration like Zoom. If you are using the Graphy course platform, these are the features you get in the in-built live:

  • Your learners don’t need to go back & forth on your online course platform & zoom.
  • Virtual Whiteboard
  • Record Online Class. Later you can make it available to learners or use it as a pre-recorded lecture.
  • Send web & push notifications to your learners before the live session.
  • You can use the in-built zoom & integrate youtube live as well.

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Secured Video

When it comes to building your online education empire, one thing that becomes a major part of your course curriculum is videos. You create pre-recorded video lectures & and upload them on your course platform. These lectures are what make you money.

If these videos aren’t secured then what’s the whole point of going through the pain of launching your own online courses.

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What’s Common Between Graphy & Thinkific

  • Both Graphy & Thinkific doesn’t allow students to download video lectures on their system.
  • There is an option to “Download” only when the admin enables it from the backend.
  • Google can’t index the course content within Graphy & Thinkific.

These are great points sure!

But what if I tell you Graphy adds that extra layer of security that Thinkific doesn’t have!

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Graphy adds an extra layer of security to your videos

Graphy doesn’t use any third-party video hosting platforms like Wistia. Graphy has its in-built platform, which encrypts your videos before processing them! 

That makes it impossible for any third-party tool to download these video lectures & circulate them unethically. Thinkific on the other hand doesn’t have this feature. There is a significant amount of security threat to your valuable course videos.

Moreover, Graphy also provides the option to host & stream your videos from Youtube, Vimeo & SproutVideo. 

But, that’s not all. This brings me to the next exclusive feature of “Graphy” i.e. Multi-Layer Security.

Multi-Layer Security

As I have already mentioned that Graphy provides some extra layer to content security on its platform. This is an elaboration of what that includes.

Admin Account Restrictions

Graphy has introduced the concept of “Superadmins“. These are the owners of Graphy platforms who have 100% access & control over what’s happening within the platform. It’s the highest authority account.

Next, it’s followed by admin-level accounts & instructor account.

Which means if you have launched your online course business & want to delegate different work to different team members, you can do it. AND, they won’t be able to see everything like you are. You decide who has access to what, it’s simple!

This makes your job as a business owner so easy & so secured.

All of these features are missing in Thikific!

Dynamic watermarking

Thikific suggests that your videos or lectures should be watermarked. However, does nothing to encourage it.

On the other hand, Graphy actually has this feature. If you enable them, you can have Dynamic watermarking on both your videos & PDFs.

This means, if it is shared by someone it would be a breach. And, none of its parts can be rebranded too.

Isn’t that so cool? And well, safe!

Device Login Limit

Imagine launching a course which has been purchased by a group of people combined. Imagine getting paid for just one-course sales which apparently 10 people are consuming.

But, how?

Every time a user signs up on your course, they receive a login credential. With those login credentials, anyone can access your course. Multiple times, multiple users. Well, that’s quite possible if you are selling through Thikific.

But, Graphy takes care of it too! It allows you to separately (or combines) put a device login limit restriction on both your course website & mobile app. That means, even if someone has your credentials, they still can’t see your content!

That’s a WIN.

Alternative To Thinkific In India

Download Allowed Restrictions

You can set up the number of downloads that are allowed to a learner. This feature is totally missing in Thikific.

App Screenshots Limit

Similar to the last feature, this one is a unique one. We’ll know more about this feature on our next point.

Branded Mobile Apps

Are you surprised? Shocked? Thinking if its real?

Don’t be!

Graphy has its own charms & this one shines the brightest.

Thinkific doesn’t have any feature of launching your online course app. Graphy, on the other hand, actually provides you your very own branded online course app. Your learners can learn it on the go. Like any other app, YOUR app would also be listed on the play store.

If you are curious about how your app would look, head over here & take a look – Branded Mobile App For Course Creators

Customer support

Most of our customers find mention this feature while giving their testimonials. No matter what plan you are in, Graphy will assign you an account manager available over call, chat & email.

In a nutshell, Graphy provides

  • Personal Account Manager With Call & Video Support
  • Chat Support
  • Emails
  • Graphy Knowledge Base

On the other hand, Thinkific only has Email support, that too only on Pro plan & above!

Marketing Features

Graphy & Thinkific both provide Robust marketing features. However, Graphy has a few additional features which are missing on Thikific.

Refer & Earn

We love the concept of wallet & cash earned while purchasing online. This feature is only available on Graphy.

Coupon code

These are the discounted codes. Using these codes, learners can apply them while checkout & grab a discount.


Provide certificates to your students while course completion. You can automatically provide them certificate within the course only with the criteria set as % of course completion or scoring marks in a test.

Web Push & Mobile Push Notifications

I can never put enough emphasis on how effective this is. You can literally send out web push & mobile push notifications at different stages of your learners’ journey & keep them interested.

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There are More….

Honestly, this list is endless. We are talking about two separate platforms, designed for the same purpose. Graphy has many more such features which are either not available on Thinkific or available only on its higher plans. A few more include Bulk Enrol, Assignments, Live Tests & many more!

But, let’s take a quick glance at the above features with respect to both platforms.

PRICINGSaves 2 lacs a YearCostly Affair
Indian Payment GatewayYesNo
In-built Live ClassYesNo
Video SecurityEncryptedLess Secured
Multi-layer SecurityAvailableNone
Branded Mobile AppYesNone
Customer SupportCall & EmailNo Call
Bulk EnrolYesNo
Alternative To Thinkific In India

Now, we can safely say that Graphy is indeed the best Alternative To Thinkific In India!

Go ahead & sign up for FREE.

And get yourself a free tour of the platform in the form of a live Demo!