In this blog, you’ll figure out the 5 most effective side income ideas to make money as a photographer.

Create, market, and sell online course

Your photography abilities and expertise bring up a slew of new revenue streams for you. Either you wish to supplement your income or develop your own company and be your boss. 

Perhaps you’re interested in launching an online marketplace and being your boss, or rather you just want to supplement your income while working full-time.

As a photographer, you have essential talents and expertise to give in either case. That implies there are many strong side hustle options out there waiting to be discovered, regardless of your specialization.

This article is for you if you want to generate some additional revenue with a side gig or make the leap to self-employment. We’ll show you 5 distinct ways to make money with your photography skills.

This guide will assist you in giving different ideas for making money as a photographer

So now without further discussions let’s get started with the real deal.

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5 side income ideas to make money as a photographer

If you want to work for yourself and continue in front of the lens, being a freelance photographer is a great alternative. This guide on developing a freelance portfolio on your webpage and this advice on getting money as a freelancer are both excellent sources of inspiration.

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Step 1: Upload your images to stock photography websites

You comprehend more than anyone else that photography is a compelling visual tool for a photographer.

Photographs are used by businesses, advertisers, and creators to convey a message, elicit emotion, and identify their brand. Yet hiring a photographer is typically out of reach.

Stock photography is the answer. Pictures, drawings, and vector images are examples of stock photos that can be licensed for personal or commercial use.

In other words, stock photography websites effectively resell or offer licenses to your photographs to other companies. A tourism bureau, for instance, might purchase the rights to your magnificent sunset photo for inclusion in a pamphlet. You submit your picture to stock photography websites, and if a third party buys the rights to use your images, you get rewarded a nominal fee.

Nature shots to ultra-niche topics are all examples of stock photography. There is a marketplace for just about any type of stock photo you can think of.

Things to do before launching your first online course.

Advantages of stock photography website: 

  • Passive earning potential.
  • Use the images you already have to generate revenue.

Drawbacks of stock photography website: 

  • Extremely competitive environment.
  • The majority of the market is dominated by professional photographers.
  • The majority of stock sites pay photographers a pittance for each transaction.
  • It is unlikely to generate a considerable sum of money.

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Step 2: Make an E-book

Offering information products such as ebooks is a terrific method to earn money while you sleep.

Ebooks are among the most widely used information items. Between 2021 and 2025, the worldwide ebook marketplace is estimated to expand by $6.93 billion.

The good part about ebooks is that you don’t have to sell amazon or to any publication house. You yourself can upload and sell it out from your website.

Making a downloadable ebook and selling it from your own website involves a lot of benefits, such as

  • Your marketing is more in your hands.
  • You will not be charged any Amazon listing or transaction fees.
  • You are compensated more swiftly.
  • You have direct interaction with your clients, which allows you to create connections and keep them informed when new goods are released.

Select content that suits both your field of expertise and the aims of your audience, regardless of how you go about creating your ebook. 

  • What is your area of expertise?
  • When people have inquiries about photography, you’re the “go-to” person.

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Reasons to sell

  • The potential for profit is great.
  • The audience is still growing.
  • There are numerous alternatives.

Disadvantages of making an ebook

  • If you’re just beginning, this is probably not the greatest option.
  • It necessitates a significant amount of effort with no assurance of reward.

Graphy being an all-in-platform permit creator to perform the following tasks from one platform for a single fee:

  • Sell ebooks
  • Online courses
  • Other digital products
  • Memberships

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Step 3: Sell through a blog, a YouTube channel, or a podcast

Starting a photography blog, YouTube channel, or podcast is one method to generate revenue with photography without really capturing pictures for customers or selling your photographs. Of course, although there are a plethora of photography blogs available. However, there are thousands of individuals that read photography blogs, so there is still opportunity.

For quite a while, there have been a couple of well-known and renowned photography blogs. We advise you to pick a specific niche or genre of photography in which you want to concentrate.

You may create a blog about

  • Drone photography, 
  • Street photography, 
  • Animal photography, 
  • Landscape photography, 
  • Sports photography, 
  • Wedding photography, 
  • Camera and lens reviews, 
  • Post-processing, 
  • Or a specific piece of kit or equipment.

You can earn income as a blogger in a variety of ways, including 

  • Display adverts.
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Owning and selling your own items
  • Endorsed content is published.
  • Providing access to premium material or subscriptions.

Building a great blog takes time and effort, but the long-term benefits can be enormous.

YouTubers make money by doing the following:

  • The ad platform is used by Google and YouTube.
  • Sponsors who are directly involved.
  • Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where you get money by referring
  • You make money by selling your own items or lessons.

Another alternative is to create a podcast. Despite the fact that photography is primarily a visual medium, the business has a number of successful podcasts. You would have the same income options as a blogger as a podcaster.

Selling through different channels might be challenging. So to make the process smooth Graphy comes to the rescue. Graphy has an in-built feature for blogging, live YouTube, and podcasts. No more tension of switching tabs. With the assistance of a dedicated account manager, you can seek help at any given point in time.

The advantages of making an ebook

  • Moderate income tendency as well as the potential for long-term prosperity.
  • There are a variety of ways to earn money.
  • A good side hustle that allows you to work around your schedule.
  • There are numerous subjects to choose from.

The disadvantage of making an ebook

  • For several months, if not a year, you’re unlikely to make any money.
  • It’s likely that you’ll put in a lot of effort but never make any money.
  • To stand out, you’ll need to come up with something original or unique.

Step 4: Guide, coach, and network with other photographers

If you have years of expertise, you can sell teaching sessions to other photographers in the same sector who are encountering the same difficulties you are.

Teaching is a lucrative business. Private coaching in the United States is forecast to reach $1.34 billion by 2022, with specialty coaches earning an average yearly income of more than $100,000.

Tell prospective customers what sets your insight and experience distinctive when you sell your coaching services.

Probably start an online group if you don’t have time to acquire coaching customers or provide one-on-one assistance but still want to interact with and assist other photographers.

An online community is, first and foremost, a grouping of individuals who have a common passion, such as photography.

A community’s participants share common goals, difficulties, and ideals. As a creator, your knowledge and expertise assist them in achieving their objectives, while your brand community provides them with a supporting social network along the route.

To help your folks feel included, ask the following questions in your postings and then respond to responses.

You can use the following conversation starters in your posts:

  • What are the most difficult aspects of photography for you?
  • What are you interested in learning more about?
  • How can I assist you in achieving your objectives?
  • What was the most essential thing you learned from our last conversation?
  • What was your best accomplishment in the last month? What advice would you provide to others who aspire to do the same?

You’ll need the ideal community platform for developing a flourishing membership community. The community capabilities of Graphy make it simple to link your audiences with your work.

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Step 5: Conduct photography classes online

The world of online courses is developing at a rapid pace, similar to that of ebooks and coaching, and it exhibits no indications of dampening. By 2024, the soul e-learning marketplace is estimated to be worth more than 6 billion dollars.

Never has there been a stronger moment to take or design an online course, with in-person programs going online and professionals sharing their expertise more approachable.

Another (mainly) passive revenue potential for photographers who want to share their experience in offering online courses and lessons. After you’ve created your online course, all that’s left is to sell it to prospective applicants.

Initiate with the final outcome you want learners to achieve when planning your course material, and then construct a step-by-step plan to get there. In your virtual classroom, each of those actions may represent a course or module.

You really don’t have to make your course aimed at professionals. There are many amateur photographers who would like to elevate their passion to another stage by enrolling in an online class.

In case you plan to grow your income through online teaching then Graphy is the best choice. Graphy not only gives you the opportunity to build your own brand but also helps you in scalability by offering robust tools and techniques.


Now that you’ve learned about five various ways to generate money in the photography industry, it’s time to put your knowledge into practice.

Consider the options and how the benefits and drawbacks align with your particular situation, abilities, and long-term objectives.

You’ll probably want to try several of the other approaches. We advise you to begin with only one strategy and then add a second after you’ve had significant results with the first.

5 side income ideas to make money as a photographer

Moreover when you pick selling online courses and blogging you should opt for Graphy. Because Graphy is the only platform that offers a branded website and mobile app despite the pricing plan.