Quizzes do not appear the most fun experience throughout our academic careers. But, when it comes to e-learning, it’s probably one of the best things out there. If you teach online or planning to, you must inculcate quizzes in your course curriculum. This article highlights three ways to use quizzes in your online courses.

Using quizzes in your online course curriculum ensures that you make sure your learners comprehend and remember their bits of knowledge. While we might look back at our past quizzes experience as students as something stressful, that doesn’t always need to be the case.

What if I told you that quizzes are – in fact – fun and can attract your targeted learners to your courses. Not just that, it can make the whole learning process engaging as well as an interactive experience for them.

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Quizzes are one form of course content that you must consider while creating your online course. I have compiled a comprehensive 3 ways recommendations To Use Quizzes In Your Online Courses.

3 ways To Use Quizzes In Your Online Courses

Interactive quizzes, live tests, as well as assignments, cement the information present in online courses into a solid learning experience that learners can retain long-term. But, they have the potential to do so much more than that. They act as a driving factor to your course as well as retain students’ participation.

Strategy #1: Before launching your course

Your course could turn out to be the best resource on your domain, but it shall remain quite useless if people are not seeing it. With too much of noise out there, gauging your audience’s attention is not an easy feat. However, quizzes are one of the several approaches to lead generation which is also helpful for attracting potential students. You can accomplish the following by leveraging quizzes before a learner buys your course:

  1. Direct participation to the most appropriate course
  2. Helps in the better understanding of participant needs and preferences
  3. Decreases your cost per lead obtained

This quiz accomplishes significantly important goals like grabbing potential learners’ attention and helping them realize how much they know about a subject. You must create online courses through an LMS like Graphy which allows you to launch a part of your course for free. If you drive your online traffic to this free quiz, they will be encouraged to hone their skills through your course.

Bonus Tip: Lead generation quizzes work especially well when combined with Facebook Ads. More people would be willing to participate in a quiz or get directed to your course store page where they can take this free quiz.

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Strategy #2: During the course

We are totally aware of the fact that technology pulls our focus in every direction, because of which human attention spans are not long. As a matter of fact, some studies suggest that the human attention span has plummeted to eight seconds.

That being said, with a million things demanding our attention all at once, it’s challenging to gauge your learners focus on your content for a prolong period of time.

However, if created cohesively, quizzes act as an encouragement to learners to concentrate on the task at hand i.e. working through the course. One surefire way to ensure that happens is by attempting to strategically placing quizzes throughout your course module.

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After your learners answer the questions, you can immediately inform them about the result or wait for a little while, as per your plan. Make sure to release the correct answers along with their explanations. Breaking down this information makes it easier to comprehend.

Strategy #3: Towards the course completion

So you have attracted your audience and managed to pull them through engaged through the course – now what?

Before you bid them farewell, well, don’t. Instead, use surveys to ask for feedback on participants’ experiences with the online course. Ask them what they kept them hooked up with your course as well as where they feel extra support would have been helpful. Discovering that you value their feedback helps foster loyalty, making them return in the future.

You can send follow-up quizzes ideally through email. Give them the valuable resources continuously to appeal them come back. If there has been an update that they should know about, shoot them all in the mail.

Final Quiz Creation Tips for Online Courses

While quizzes are undoubtedly one of the useful tools for online courses, they reap out results when used effectively. Here are a few tips:

  1. Create a compelling title for your quiz.
  2. Keep your quizzes mobile-friendly. If you have launched your institute app, it would be great in there too.
  3. Put forward the questions in a conversational tone, unless they are strictly academics oriented.
  4. Ensure that the design appealing manner.
  5. Include a variety of question types including MCQs.

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