In this blog, we will discuss a few underrated ways to market your digital product online.

When you’re in the digital world, you’ll commonly encounter yourself isolated. Despite a long list of the most recent digital marketing tactics, you may believe it is ineffective. It’s reasonable to feel anxious and stressed as you witness your competitors ascend the search grid.

We recommend that you focus on your digital strategies to sell your digital products online. Maybe you could smuggle in a few underutilized tactics and use them to your advantage.

You can very much construct a checklist of all the tried-and-true digital marketing methods as a marketer. However, brainstorming may persuade potential prospects to evaluate your digital product.

For a long, the globe has been going digital, and with the persistent coronavirus outbreak, the speed of progress has only quickened. Small firms must emphasize scaling successfully and with the most return on investment in today’s marketplace, but many are planning their tactics in the wrong way. Below are five effective marketing strategies to sell your digital products online.

Launch & market your digital products

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5 underrated ways to market your digital product

Infographics should be created and disseminated.

Infographics are used by 19 percent of marketers in their content marketing strategies, but they are extremely valuable to viewers. If you’re sharing data through social media, infographics make sophisticated material easy to understand and fun to share.

Video content is more captivating than text and still conveys information effectively — Additionally, those who don’t have the patience to read a whole report (or who are having trouble extracting insights from the data) will probably find an infographic entertaining and efficient.

Visuals are positively received by online users. This is why including infographics in your marketing plan is significant. Nevertheless, in the previous two years, the advertising ecosystem has shifted toward a broader range of visual materials, such as VFX and animations. But, unlike every other visual genre, there is still a lot of room for infographics to help you sell your digital products online.


Podcasting’s prominence has exploded in recent years, and smaller companies are starting to follow suit. Running a podcast is a terrific method for a company to gain visibility while also establishing itself as a specialist and increasing its digital product sales.

Appearing as a guest on podcasts pertaining to a brand’s specialty or intended audience is another wonderful approach to attract new customers for business owners who don’t have the time or inclination to operate a podcast alongside their present operations.

Organize a webinar

Another underrated way to market your digital products is a webinar. Online learning, workshops, seminars, and presentations are all examples of webinars. Often dismissed as ineffective or unrewarding, it is a digital marketing tactic that, when executed properly, may yield remarkable results.

A webinar is an online event that offers viewers instructional information. It is a less expensive alternative to organizing a conference. Here's how it can help sell your digital products online:

  • Increase the number of people who know about your company.
  • Connect out to your target audience with material that is both relevant and meaningful.
  • Produce high-quality prospects for a company.
  • Demonstrate your experience and expertise to gain the trust of your intended audience.

According to one of ReadyTalk’s surveys, between 40% to 50% of those who have enrolled joined the webinars. Some creators may be put off by this because they fear their money will be wasted.

But they don’t realize that a webinar is a representation of your professional abilities. Considering the low attendance rate, it communicates trust and legitimacy, as well as serves as a lead-generation technique. The webinar should preferably be about your sector, displaying your expertise and understanding. LinkedIn’s webinars, for example, are focused on professional growth.

Whenever organizing a webinar, ensure you have a clear plan in mind. A well-planned webinar can give a unique method for any business to obtain.

If you are eager to create a course but struggling with which platform to choose for marketing, then the solution is Graphy. Graphy is the platform that provides all the advanced marketing tools and features that robust your business scalability. Not only live webinars but also live Youtube sessions you can conduct with full control in your hand. 


Acquiring new students isn’t always the best method for a business to expand. In reality, getting the most out of existing students is a common way for a company to achieve long-term success.

In this case, email can provide a good return on investment because the company isn’t compelled to cold-call potential clients but instead relies on previous communication and real evidence to close the deal. The objective here is to resell or upgrade a current contact list.

Brands can use most of their marketing dollars while recruiting the appropriate kinds of customers merely a few new ones—by plugging into these true heroes of digital marketing and increasing their digital product sales.


Another underappreciated marketing tactic is to use quizzes in your campaign. They’re useful for generating leads, engaging audiences, and many more. As the audience grows more engaged, the odds of conversion increase.

A quiz can be created as a blog post, Instagram story, Twitter vote, or perhaps even video. It might be anything from personality tests to industry knowledge tests to presenting your coworkers.

Many marketers have taken inspiration from Buzzfeed’s mesmerizing popularity with quizzes. They’re incorporating online quizzes into their marketing plans and hosting Facebook quizzes at the same time. Quizzes’ dynamic nature has made them a top choice among many potential customers.

Incorporate SEO into other aspects of your business.

SEO is excellent for attracting visitors, but it can also be applied to other aspects of your organization. Keyword research, for example, can assist you in naming new goods so that prospects have a better shot at getting them.

You can leverage past data to construct a customer-centric approach that accommodates each and every step of their customer lifecycle like another SEO tactic that benefits customers. If you’ve observed that you’re producing a lot of prospects but don’t have enough clients, SEO data can help you find out why and how to close the gap.

Launch & market your digital products

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Final Thoughts

Although none of these methods are novel, it is up to you to come up with innovative ways to implement them. The more versatile you are, the more likely you are to attract the most attention.

Yet the point is, how far can you think outside the box?

Allow your imagination to go wild, try out new concepts, and watch the magic unfold in your favor!

So if you have plans of taking up your dream course online don’t stop yourself. Join Graphy even if you don’t have technical knowledge because you will have a personal dedicated manager assigned to you. Marketing will not be rocket science for you anymore because the Graphy platform is user-friendly and easy to comprehend.

Launch & market your digital products

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